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I'm not trying to start anything, but if you look at my comments from like a year ago, then you'll notice how I said.....

"I can buy as many xbox live accounts as I want from "" a chinese website like amazon here in China."

But someone at Microsoft cracked down on them and most of them have been removed. But you can bet that the less popular sales sites still have plenty of sellers.

PS: Before they were r...

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There is a slight chance that his meaning was sony took an average number say... 8mb and said, let's stick the limit at 4000. (4000x8mb=32gb)

Did you think he could have possibly meant that? Because that's what I thought he was talking about.

"Sony may of based it on the average size for a song or for a small size"

Unfortunately though, an average song size isn't 8mb unless you've got all HD songs.

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I also really liked Enslaved. I honest wasn't expecting much from all the reviews but when I picked it up I was really surprised. It was great.

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Most people will just use the Hong Kong servers. Yes, even though Hong Kong is in China, it's still kind of different. And they do have Hong Kong servers. (well at least ps3 does, not sure about xbox)

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Well, I live in Shanghai and I've said it many times before.

You can already buy 360's and PS3 anywhere you want pretty much. Just because it's "Illegal" doesn't mean you can't buy it. They don't really enforce the law. Take a look here.....

Says the guy with an "oral intercourse" picture as his pic.

I mean honestly, what?

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People also probably don't realize that there's region locking to protect shortages in supply.

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I know Mika is a troll but she kind of has a point actually. With the amount of guys hating Justin Bieber and movies like Twilight I wouldn't doubt that some guys would be instantly turned off by a girl being on the cover. I mean, definitely not all but yes some for sure.

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Spoilers below. Don't read too much.

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I really wish there were more crazy RPG's like earthbound.

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It depends on what he means by max out. By the article he's talking clearly about the hardware and not about possible graphics.

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Yeah, you pretty much summed it up. When someone spits out the words "next gen", they should understand that they are generalizing and that puts it in the same boat as "standards".

Next gen for Nintendo? Yep.
Next gen for standards? Maybe not, we'll just have to wait and see.

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So.... if I release 10 systems that barely surpass each other in the matter of a year then I would be in the 10th gen right? I better get started so I can be the first person to make a 10th gen system.

By your logic.

PS: I'm not saying the WiiU isn't next gen. Just pointing out the current logic being thrown around.

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"I’ll be honest with you guys: Kingdom Hearts is not a very good franchise."

Well..... uhh.....

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For a quick cool reference.... At one point when LoL didn't have enough servers and it gave the server busy patch screen you could enter something very similar to the konami code if not exactly because I can't remember what it was for LoL and the system message would change to go and you could play.

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I guess I'm a "no one".

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I was a subscriber. I thought the story and stuff was really good and I was pleased for the amount I played it. I mean... there was tons of glitches at first but I was able to look past them. Anyway, I'm one of the ones who stopped.

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Excellent? Maybe not. Child usable? Yeah, for sure.

I mean, I see parents giving their children their IPAD and Iphones. I think an IPAD is going to out cost the WiiU tablet.

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Respect for what? If people thinks he rocks, he deserves a vote. It didn't say playstation exclusive characters.

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Jeeze...... a different page for each one? I don't even want to.

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