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That's why developers need a way of marking copies they give out. Maybe a name on one of the textures that's barely visible and easy to change. So that way they would know who leaked it.

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It does look fun and graphics are smoking too. I'm just not too fond of the character animations. Look at the guy you're following he's like doing some weird lunge every 3 seconds. It's like pushing as hard as you can until you get to a speed of a jog then keeping it steady.

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Actually, you probably don't believe me.... BUT THE BETA STARTS TOMORROW!

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What? Can't be seen by others who don't have the content purchased? Why? There's absolutely no reason to buy then.

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I thought it was pretty retarded at first but after a little bit it kind of grew on me. About the 1:30 area. Just because I'm a fan of random humor. Like them dancing and getting smacked in the face.

~edit~ The end ruined it again.

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@Gray fox

What? Using a demo as a demo???? Who would have thought.

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Dude, use the reply button.

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The most annoying character that I've come across is Brand. A good brand is a disaster.

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Wolverine FTW!

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That's a shame, I was looking forward to having ED. lol

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Ehhh? Do I smell something big approaching? It can't just be a price drop.

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Risky? What's risky?

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@Bzone and SixZeroFour

You've got to be kidding me right? Did you even try to read into my comment? I'm not going to bother with you anymore after this comment.

If you don't voice your opinion about things then how will they change and improve?

Like I said, I guess you just want more of this style of game. And, if it's true... I guess it's ok. But just because you like it, doesn't mean the vast majority of the 360 li...

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For some reason I've always pictured him looking like Steve Irwin.

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Raven, what games do you play on Kinect? How long have you had it?

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I'm tired of the "If you don't like it then don't comment" attitude. I don't understand where it even comes from.

It's like, you can't voice your opinion unless it's a good one? How would the world be today if no one complained?

Let me guess Bzone24, you want hundreds of kinect games just like this right? Screw school Halo, screw Gears, screw every other xbox game, I want more of this awesome kinectsauce.

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I never even looked at the article regardless what the results are. They're unreliable.

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It really depends on what you like honestly. I rate it high, but it's still not in my taste. I only like it because it's an rpg. I wish the gameplay was slightly more action based. Anyway, it's still worth it in my opinion.

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I wouldn't say "humiliate". They're better for sure, but Sony never talked up move to the point where if someone bests them it's humiliation.

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