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Playstation TV doesn't even have vita in the name...... lol

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I really don't understand why the author feels that no one owning a ps4 should be entitled. Does he realize we bought the PS4 by choice? Does he realize that some of us compared stats and wanted the best and most powerful system? Why does he think we should just say ok, whatever and pay up?

Sure, we have the choice to buy or not, but that's not the only thing we can do. We can be vocal about it and hopefully make a difference.

Imagine if your gas prov...

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It's not an untapped market. It's been sold here at almost every electronic outlet, it just wasn't officially released.

And the market isn't 1.3 billion. Only about 100 million have the possibility to buy it because they can afford it where as probably only a million or two will decide to actually buy it.

The same goes with the PS4 although it does have more appeal at the moment.

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Even though I know he's a troll, your logic is a little flawed.

Just because something isn't mentioned, doesn't mean it isn't part of the topic.

I live in Shanghai and have been for the past 8 years. Sony (even though it is japanese) will be met with a much better attitude, no matter the price. I'm not really sure why, possibly because the PS3 had a ridiculously high price so it attained "Apple" status fo...

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Punctuation???? My brain!

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The reason for the price is because of the taxes. Importing anything into china is nearly a 1.5 tax. Add on the idea of it recently being un-banned and probably taxed for being a gaming device and there you have it. 800USD.

On the other hand, the ps4 will also be extremely expensive.

Luckily though, no one in the small markets will sell for that price because they imported differently and didn't have to pay that outrageous price. The same way as they hav...

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Written on the cage in the last part, "for we receive the due reward of our deeds". Pirates.

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Why do you all insist on posting things when you can clearly see he's trolling?

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Sure, you can play ignorant and ignore the fact that the word "Japs" has been a racial slur for a very long period now.

The fact is, just because you don't think something is offense doesn't mean others won't. And just because you use it as a non-offensive word doesn't mean that thousands of others don't still use it to promote racism.

I think the best way to avoid it is to simply type out Japanese.

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Funny gif but I disagree with the all coming back from the dead piece.

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They don't have a problem with Japanese products but their parents still beat the mentality that Japanese are scum into their skull everyday.

It's amazing how many 5 or 6 year old's I've had in my classes that say they hate Japanese.

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It will never sell for that price. Why you ask? Because you can buy any system at every personally owned electronics store for same price or cheaper than it sells in America or across the world.

I've live in China for almost 8 years and it's ridiculously easy to buy absolutely anything.

The comment about the "premium" products isn't a lie though. Except it won't work for ps4 or xbox because it's already here. Just not "offic...

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I actually had a dinner with the main creator of Hatsune Miku about a month ago. It wasn't gaming related so it's a little bit off topic but it was quite interesting.

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PEGGLE 3!!!!!!!!!!!

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Max is right, you can buy a gift card to activate an account or not use anything at all to download free apps/games.

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It really depends on the single person that's playing the game and that not only answers the problem but creates another one all in it's own..... How could we tell which person can be mentally effected enough to become violent from playing violent games. People are just unpredictable sometimes. Sometimes I wish there was an easy solution.... because I'm very docile in real life and would only use force to protect myself but I love getting headshots in games.

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China has some pretty funny restrictions. Like.... they can't have skeletons in games.....

That's what took one WoW expansion such a long time.

Even in LoL. The items in the game haven't changed but once you reach the stats area where it shows kills/deaths/items bought, the items with the skulls are now different.

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There is ONE positive spin to region locking.

It helps keep costs low in countries that want to buy games but can't afford them. If I lived in a low income country I wouldn't mind having a game half price of what America gets it for.

Help the needy.
But I still don't agree with region locking.

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Yes, but I'm curious as to how you wanna point out every little bit of negative.

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I have two questions..... When did optimizing a system's resources become not part of the developer's jobs? When did that become something that we aren't allowed to complain about and not purchase if we are willing to skip the game because it's just that, our choice?

I don't understand the logic of that.

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