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Cyberpunk is a world where corporations got their way and elites control unimaginable resources.

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Can't wait to see the specs for MS' machine now.

The only people bitching one way or the other are the ones who won't be buying both. lol

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it's gonna be $549 or $599

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But the games he's quoting as being inferior were very well-written. A mighty hill for him to climb, considering that he's never delivered a narrative on par with either of those titles.

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A cartoon that's better than the Maguire movies.

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Good. Maybe it'll convince Valve to get back to making the only game they have ever made that's worth playing.

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Bungie's first game wasn't Halo. Halo WAS Bungie trying something new.

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You're so lost, no one can find you. I feel dirtier just having read your stupid comment.

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The cardboard box shit in MGS was one of the four things that ultimately made me stop playing the series.

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Yeah, that shit was hard. No desire to retread that ground, either. Saving myself for Bloodborne 2... hopefully.

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CP2077 is the only game on the horizon that I'm over the moon about.

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Considering I already have a PS4 and a X1, I'd rather get the X1X.

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FFS No, it isn't.

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On N4G, it always means MS did something wrong, though.

He probably left because he was despondent that the X1X's launch lineup doesn't have enough exclusives. lol

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Wait, you mean an internet comments section ISN'T the place to go for truth?

I need to reevaluate my life.


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And yet, it's still fun.

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And here I was just yesterday opining to a friend that Dead Space should get a reboot. The first game was amazing. One of my favorite games on any platform, ever.

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gaming sucks

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