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Hi DarXyde. It's your doctor. I have received the results of your brain scan here and it's not good news. You have a week at best to live. I'm so sorry.

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It's going to be awesome. I've heard that the reviews go up in an hour or two but I can't confirm if that's true or not.

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Heard the reviews go up Monday. So excited. Really hope the game is great.

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I agree. Fantastic game. Just don't play it by yourself.

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Microsoft clearly thought it wasn't worth securing as an exclusive. Can't wait to give this a go on my PS4.

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Really? Tastes like a 10 to me.

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Xbox dead in Europe.

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Physical it is so.

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That was quick..

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Looks great but not AAA. If that's the case, Helldivers is AAA.

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Just play it on PC. That's what I'm going to do. Doubt you'll need a powerful PC to play it either.

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Nintendo didn't start the Metal Gear series. The series originated on the MSX. Oh, and as for the nes metal gear, Kojima had nothing to do with it and he actually hates the game.

Edit: That controller is fudging beautiful. Please release it separately.

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Give it a rest will you? The game has gotten way more hate than it ever deserved. Guess what? It's a good game. Devil May Cry fan boys aren't going to change that fact.

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I really wanted a PSVita version. Hopefully it does happen if the Wii U port is successful.

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Sony is going to have tons of must have games by the end of 2015.

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You were ready for the Metal Gear Solid V Collectors edition since 1984? Damn, that's dedication son.

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'It's not even in the lead.' A 9 million sales gap is no longer in the lead? First I've heard of that.

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Pretty sure Sony Published Final Fantasy X. Maybe Sony no longer have any rights to the game anymore.

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1. On PC too. Not a 'Xbox exclusive'.
2. Journey is probably the greatest independent game ever made, so if anything, Ori has a lot to live up to.
3. Before anyone accuses me of being a troll, this game looks really great, but I'm not going to listen to people spout absolute nonsense about Journey somehow being worse than a game not even released yet.

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Yeah because Uncharted 2 and 3 were soooo mediocre. s/

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