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Both excellent games, although personally I'd put bloodborne ahead of SOTN. I don't think I've ever been so immersed in a game world before.

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Konami are idiots and they fully deserve to feel the repercussions that will come with this decision. Hope you enjoy the nice payday you get in September Konami. It's the last one you'll be seeing.

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I predict Konami will go bankrupt in the next few years. They simply don't have anything else now. How did they screw up Silent Hills? It had the best marketing campaign ever and Kojima and del toro was working on it. It was basically a license to print money. This has to be one of the most disappointing moments in the history of gaming.

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If this meant I could finally play all my console games at 60fps, I'm all for it. I know a lot of people claim games should be optimised for consoles, but most 'optimised' games run at 30fps with dips and usually are sub 1080p. Allow me to play my games the way I want.

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It's just an extra boss fight. Like Kratos in the PS4 version.

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So when a game like Bloodborne comes out, exclusives are anti-consumer all of a sudden. But when a PC game goes to console, PC gamers are angry that one of their games is on console? Give me a break. I'm delighted everyone can experience this game.
Oh and i totally agree with the developer. Every console game should have graphical settings. Nearly every console game could run at 60 if that happened.

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I'd usually agree with you, but Devil May Cry is a special exception. For instance, Devil May Cry 3: Special Edition improved the game so much, With the option to play as Vergil, extra difficulties, Turbo mode, extra bosses, new costumes, that it made the original release look paltry in comparison.
Trust me, if you're a true hardcore Devil May Cry fan, you'll get hundreds of hours out of all the extra content included in Devil May Cry 4: Special Edition. I can't wait. ...

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Personally I love the tank controls, but the best part about Resi hd remaster is the way you can switch between the two on the fly. Everybody wins.

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But I thought Sony were bankrupt and were closing down? /s

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April fools was more than two weeks ago..

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You've clearly never seen Trish naked then.

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Tittysprinkles indeed mate. Going back to the game, while it's nice Valve is doing this, this REALLY shouldn't have happened. The game was delayed several times on PC. What was the point of all that extra development time if the game was still released buggy?

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Mega Drive for me. F**k the new Mortal Kombat. 16 bit or nothing as far as I'm concerned.

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What's sad, is that when Devil May Cry 4 SE comes out, Capcom are going to see which game sells best, and probably will continue the series in the style of the game that sold better. My problem with that? Dmc got a retail release. Dmc 4 SE won't get one. I don't think dmc is a bad game by the way.

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This guy keeps putting his playthroughs on n4g and every time they're one of the hottest news stories of the day. Weird huh? I don't even know who this guy is.

Edit: @Captain_Mushroom I don't think he's getting any attention to be honest. I think he's artificially raising the heat of his playthroughs on n4g to make it look like he's a big deal. Pretty sad to be honest.

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Ori: 89 average on metacritic
Bloodborne: 93 average on metacritic

'Ori is game of the generation'


Anyways Ori doesn't count as it's an indie and according to Xbox fanboys indies aren't proper games...oh and it's also on PC anyway so it's not even a true exclusive. Pathetic.

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Only digital confirmed so far. But who knows. If enough people show enthusiasm for a boxed release, we may get one.

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Yeah, you sure sound like a PS4 gamer to me...Both consoles have their merits but I just prefer the PS4. Games run better, bigger library of games, exclusives I'm interested in.
But to be perfectly honest, I think both consoles have been pretty underwhelming so far. I really hope this generation is longer than five years because the big games sure are taking their sweet time getting here.

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