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I'd expect a 300 euro graphics card to run this game at 60FPS. Remember, a console and a PC is made up of more than just a graphics card.

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When I'm playing the top rated Xbox One exclusive on my PC, you know there's a problem.

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Ha I love the way you quote 1440p 60fps as if you already know you'll be able to run a game that doesn't even exist yet at those settings. XP God the "master race" truly is pathetic. :D

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It was never cool.

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It was probably some random guy on Amazon who gave it five stars and claimed it was his game of the year. And the developers thought "That'll do.."

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What do you mean by that won't hold? If anything, it's going to almost 10:1 by the time this generation ends if things keep going the way they are.

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You know, I've recently started thinking that this may be a massive prank by Kojima himself. There's no way Konami are so stupid as to keep dragging their already ruined name through the mud. When the world already hates you, this is the last thing you should be doing.

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It's funny, because without consoles there wouldn't be a Witcher 3. They wouldn't have been able to recoup the money used to create the game with only a PC version. The "master race" should be thanking console gamers that they even get to play the game at all.

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I think everyone here knows that. Worldwide, I don't see Sony being touched. In the US, it's anyone's game.

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That's complete and utter bullshit. While games clearly sell more on consoles, PC isn't far behind. Why do you think steam is so successful?

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It's fantastic. You're in for an emotional rollercoster.

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Wolfenstein the new order, Outlast, MGS V, Metro Redux, The Last Of Us, Project Cars, Call Of Duty Advanced Warfare, Battlefield 4 and hard line, DMC definitive edition, Mortal Kombat X, practically every indie game. There's actually quite a few, although admittedly a lot of them are remasters.

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What do you mean? I thought Resident Evil 5 and Dead Rising 2 played great on PS3.

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It will probably be a great game, but I can't see it selling many consoles.

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60fps for a racing game is almost essential. I'm personally glad they give you the option to play the game that way, albeit with most of the effects turned off and the numbers of cars on the track reduced.

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The kind of PC gamers who constantly belittle everyone who isn't playing on a high end PC with 2 GTX 980's are the kind of people no one wants to know anyway. You're one of the good ones slappy508.

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I just want to see Devil May Cry 5 there. The true, Japanese developed Devil May Cry 5 there.

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Xbox owners are in denial, that's how.

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That's not going to help anyone. If you care so much but still want to play the game, wait for a price drop.

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All Wii U games. How convient.

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