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It's out the same day now apparently. Though I imagine PC gamers who have never played any of the previous games on console are going to be completely lost when it comes to the story. Still should enjoy the gameplay though. I'm pre ordering the PS4 version first thing tomorrow.

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Actually many people care, including myself. Just because you have great internet speeds where you live doesn't mean it's the same in the rest of the world. For instance, something like Batman Arkham Knight (48GB) would have been an absolute nightmare to download over here in Ireland.
Then you have things like data caps which still apply to some people. And then you have people who have very little space left on their HDD's and don't want to have to delete a load of st...

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EA don't care about not having access on PS4? Haha yeah right, of course they don't care about the 25 million PS4 owners who could make them a crap ton of money. Give it a rest EA.

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@christian hour Ah, a fellow Irishman. :) don't see many round here.

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Just goes to show that all these naysayers who claim consoles can't handle 1080P 60FPS are talking crap. Maybe if, oh I don't know, more developers took the time to make sure their games ran well on console, we'd see more games like this.

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Not going to lie. This depresses me. After all the shit Konami have pulled, their business should be going under, not thriving.

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@jdubrady MGS 1 and 4 are only on Playstation. And how many Metal Gear Solid games were released on PC? Face it, every true MGS fan is going to be playing this on PS4.

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Funny...not you, just the thought of how many bubbles you'll have in a few days. Very amusing to me.

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What the hell would he able to do at Sega? Sonic Boom 3?

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Well I fricking loved it. I thought it was the best in the series. The story was the darkest in the trilogy, acting was superb, the graphics (on PS4 at least) were mind blowing, the free flow combat and predator sections were the best they've ever been and while there was a lot of batmobile, I still thought it was fun to use.

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Microsoft are insane, that's why. It's like a basketball team saying "Well we may have lost by twenty points, but we were leading for three minutes during the second quarter."

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While most will claim that people should buy it new because it's kojima's final MGS, I can't justify giving money to these infants. This is just pathetic and childish and I can't wait for Konami to go under.

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What the hell is your problem? He said something that isn't even that far off the truth and you say he's gone full retard? Now what YOU said, THAT is going full retard.

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How is he trolling? The PS4 version will almost definitely look nicer. And it will more than likely come with all DLC released on Xbox. The PS4 and PC versions will undoubtedly be the definitive versions.

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I would love to play the Arkham games at 60FPS. I guess I'll just have to buy the Arkham collection when it hits PS4 and wait till I have the money to upgrade my PC to play knight at 60FPS.

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2017. 20th anniversary of FF7. I put money on it being released then.

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Not for people with a PS4 and PC like me. I have literally no reason to get an Xbox one at the moment. Xbox One is miles behind PS4 sales wise as it is. It's not going to get any easier for them if they keep releasing their "exclusives" on PC.

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It's pretty much common knowledge at this point that it's timed.

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...People who want to play Planetside 2 on PS4 at 60FPS?

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Actually, the original Ratchet and Clank games on ps2 were 60fps. As were most of the ps3 ones. I'm not at home at the mo so could someone confirm that this new title is running at 60fps?

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