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I can't relax on a couch with a mouse and keyboard can I?

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Without spoiling anything, the scene made me cry and is up there as one of the greatest videogame moments of all time.

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I really wish more games this gen were like TLOU. The game really showed what could be accomplished on current gen hardware with a little bit of hard work. Not hating on the COD series, but Naughty Dog could throw a game together in half the time and it would still be of a higher quality than those games, and they know it.

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The greed of these big companies is unbelievable. It'll come back to bite them in the ass, wait and see.

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I'm hardly a bloody troll when I bought a vita last year. It's a fantastic handheld and Gravity Rush is my favourite handheld game ever. It's just recently I haven't had a lot to play on the thing. Persona 4 is amazing but I still would like a few more big titles to play on the thing.

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That's nice and everything Sony, but you really have to start releasing proper exclusives for the Vita. A God Of War or MGS title would go down really well right now.

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That's what she said.

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My favourite game ever. If you love Survival Horror games, buy it. If you love Action Adventure games, buy it. If you love stealth games, buy it. It just gets everything so bloody right, and Joel and Ellie are easily my two favourite videogame characters ever. Hell it's even worth buying for the first ten minutes alone. I thought there was no way it would live up to the hype after Bioshock Infinite dissapointed me. But man, it exceeded my expectations in every way. And now ill pipe down a...

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Jesus...better cancel that ps4 pre order. Ouya is the future. I can't believe all these years I was playing rubbish like TLOU, Uncharted and God Of War when I could have been playing chess 2. God I feel like an ass.

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I completed the campaign today and To me at least, it's the greatest game I've ever played. As a huge fan of survival horror, this game was everything I wanted it to be and so much more besides. I love Joel and Ellie. Their my favorite videogame characters ever. Just play it. Seriously.

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You can't talk to your potential consumers like that. He was totally out of order.

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Oh give it a rest Infinity Ward.

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An F for Microsoft. Ouch. It wasn't THAT bad.

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With all these sweet ps4 announcements, I almost forgot this game was coming out Friday...good times.

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I try not to take sides and I even thought Microsoft had a good conference but seriously, Sony buried them.

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Actually that would have impressed me. I love Sony, but the Microsoft conference was alright. Some good games and who knows, maybe when they get rid of all these BS restrictions I might actually buy one.

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Well yeah they do, of course. But ususally not 5 seconds into a race.

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I loved that part where the guy says "Look how the AI drives. It doesn't drive like AI, it drives like a human." and as soon as he had finished saying that, one of the cars spun out of control. :P

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Looks ok. Not my kind of thing. More of a God Of War man. Microsoft still hasn't given me any reason to get an Xbox 1, but I gotta applaud them for bringing the games.

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