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Lol at the disagrees. Xbox owners angry that we get to play the sequel. Pathetic. Can't wait to get it on PS4. :)

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This is a game changer. I've NEVER seen anything like this. It looks incredible. Can't wait to see more.

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"MS doesn't want to charge people for backwards compatibility." Haha! You're comment made me laugh. Don't talk as if MS is some knight in shining armour. They would love to charge for backwards compatibility. But they're so far behind Sony at this point they needed an ace in the hole.
By the way, if MS are so great, why didn't they ship the Xbox One with backwards compatibility in the first place if it was so easy to do? By the way, games are still being ...

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There's nothing worse than a bad massage. Leaves your body aching for days.

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I like the GameCube as a console, but the controller was a chunky mess with an awful second analogue stick and awkward button placement.

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Lol at the disagrees. I think everyone knows at this point that the newer PS4 controllers don't use the same material for the analogue sticks. My 20th anniversary controller is still in perfect condition.

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The guy who runs the site was an Xbox 360 fanboy. That should tell you everything you need to know. Probably just pissed his favourite console isn't on top.

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I can most definitely promise you that it's pretty much 2:1 at this stage and it most certainly will be by years end.

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I think Square-Enix have just realised what a stupid move it was making the game exclusive to Xbox and PC for a year and now they realise to make back their money, they have to stoop to this crap. If this is true, I won't be getting the game for PS4 either.

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The hell is your problem? Did he say only thick idiots buy season passes? No he didn't. But let's be honest here. Season Passes are an absolute joke. You don't know if the future DLC released for the game is even going to be any good when you buy the season pass. And even if you do get the season pass, you're usually just saving maybe 5 bucks anyway.
Look at the Batman Season Pass. 40 dollars and pretty much all the DLC released so far has been absolute garbage. Again,...

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@Crashbandicoot77 Doubt it. The PC version is releasing like a month or two after the Xbox One version. The Season Pass probably won't be included with the PC version. And if it's not included with the PS4 version, I won't be buying it, simple as that.

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Good point...Still waiting for the PS4 version though. ;)

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Sub 30? So I've been playing MGS V on PS4 at 30FPS? That's odd. It seems to run pretty flawlessly from where I'm standing. :)

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Resistance is arguably my favourite of the series. It was outstanding. Very rare for a handheld game to live up to it's console brethren.

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So this, Until Dawn, Galak-Z and Everybody's gone to the rapture in the last few weeks alone? Yep, PS4 totally doesn't have any games for the second half of the year. /S

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@thunderbird86 oh, and how would he fail? By treating consumers with respect? Square-Enix failed today with the worst pre-order bullshit I have ever heard. Warner Brothers failed by shipping a broken PC port of Arkham Knight and having to pull the game when everyone availed of the steam refund option. And Konami have done nothing but fail for the last 12 months.
If anything, I'd truly struggle to think of a AAA publisher who knows the first thing about business outside of maybe Ro...

1850d ago 9 agree1 disagreeView comment know, true metal gear solid fans playing it on PS4 since it's the home of Metal Gear Solid and all that.

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While I'm glad PC and Xbox owners will get to experience this masterpiece too, I, along with many others will be finishing the series on PS4, the home of Metal Gear Solid.

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That's not what people mean. Every Metal Gear Solid title has launched exclusively on a playstation platform. Yes, down the line they may have come to other consoles but they all launched on playstation.

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So it runs at 60FPS yeah? I may get it on PS4 if that's the case. I'm sick of these 'remasters' that come out and are still locked at 30FPS. (Looking at you Payday and Prototype.)

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