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Except now there's practically no reason to own an Xbox One. Which means less competition for Sony, which means more complacency from them which will only hurt the industry in the end.

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But what's the reason to get an Xbox One over a PS4 anymore? Anyone who wants to get a console will probably choose PS4 for it's exclusives and will probably choose to buy a PC further down the road if they want to play the Xbox exclusives.

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Yeah but the money you'll save over a few years not having to buy Xbox live or PS Plus could go towards a good rig. Consoles are becoming more irrelevant by the day. I'm not against everyone playing on PC, but I feel like the industry would be very different if consoles didn't exist.

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As a PS4 and PC owner, I kinda understand where Xbox fans are coming from. I literally have no reason to get an Xbox one now. While it is good that more people get to play these games, this could very well be the end of the Xbox brand. And without that competition, Sony could begin to get complacent because they feel like they're untouchable.
I know I'm probably going to be marked for trolling for saying this, but the Xbox One is possibly the most irrelevant console ever made...

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Look at all the nutters disagreeing lol. Sorry guys. It's basically scientific fact that you're going to have input lag at 30FPS. No if's or but's about it.

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Wow, only 100 dollars! What a bargain!! Seriously, what the hell has happened to gaming lately?

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Always had a thing for lightning but this is just sad.

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There's no way Capcom will hand Devil May Cry 5 to a western developer. Remember what happened last time they did that? Itsuno hinted that he may be working on the next Devil May Cry today on Twitter.

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Ha ha, you're delusional if you think Sony's first party games are coming to PC? Sony never owned the rights to FFX. But I'm happy PC gamers are finally getting to play it...15 years after the rest of the world. How's Demon's Souls on PC? God Of War? Little Big Planet? Ratchet And Clank? Heavy Rain? Uncharted? The Last Of Us, Sly Cooper, Jak And Daxter? Ape Escape? Killzone? Infamous? Wipeout? Seems weird that none of the 100's of Sony Ip's haven't made it to P...

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Why you lyin? ;)

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That's the understatement of the century.

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Bet you wouldn't be saying that if your preferred platform of choice was selling this well. And yes. PS4 owners do have a reason to be happy with these numbers because it means even more third party support and a potentially longer console lifespan.

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Ha ha, popular opinion. :) To be fair, MGSV isn't a bad game. It just didn't feel like an MGS game. It was incredibly overrated in my opinion.

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@NickieNick Watch the Digital Foundry video. The games they saw were upscaled to around 900p and in some cases ran better than they did on the original PS2. The games will look fine. I personally can't wait for this.

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:O Where the hell did you get 40 hours from? From what I've heard it's standard length for a third person action game, around 8-12 hours.

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Are you actually for real right now? Ok Forza 6 is just another Forza game and is selling very poorly. Halo 5 is the lowest scoring numbered Halo game yet. Tomb Raider is timed exclusive and Gears Ultimate is a remake. All the other games are on PS4 and perform better on PS4. This is the best gaming lineup in history? Are you kidding me?

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You clearly didn't understand my point at all. EVERY game is going to be like that eventually if this crap continues.

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I don't understand why PewDiePie keeps winning that award. I don't even hate the guy but come on, sooo many people more deserving.

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Microtransactions will destroy gaming if this is allowed to continue. Remember when people defended dodgy DLC practices? Now every game seems to have pre order bonuses and a season pass. Ok, microtransactions might not seem like a big deal now, but what if in the future they start getting even worse?
What if in the future you're playing a single player game and the character you're playing as needs energy to move, and once you use all your energy, you either need to wait a few...

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You forgot Until Dawn. One of my favourite games this year. Also Tearaway unfolded was pretty great. Oh and Driveclub is fantastic too. PS4 has plenty of worthwhile exclusives.

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