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Since it's a gaming console, I assume we are talking games.

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I doubt it will be 60 for long. I'll pick it up when it's 30.

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Not a good console, a great console.

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Lol VGChartz are off by 600'000 units. :D

Edit: Sorry, my mistake. 800,000 units. :P

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Please educate me. If not playstation, then what is the world favourite?

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My hope is that they have a special surprise for us all. I hope the surprise is Michael Jackson's HIStory album. That's a quality album.

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That's square for you. Always out to make a quick buck...this better run at 60fps by the way.

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Games from Platinum don't usually sell that well in Japan and I'd say very few people in Japan know what Phantom Dust is. Besides, if I was Japanese, I would go with the console that had Dragon Quest, Persona and Bloodborne releasing for it.

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You're forgetting something. The Dark Souls games had little to no advertising from Namco. Sony are advertising the hell out of Bloodborne. I predict 3 million sold by the end of 2015.

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The game is sitting at 82 on metacritic. Pretty sure that means this 'review' is a load of crap.

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Can't wait for the Xbox fanboys to start defending the crap out of this game, even though they gave PS4 owners crap for defending The Order.

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If you were to buy a PS3 and all those games it would cost you hundreds of dollars, so yeah I consider it good value for money. 3 months access to over 200 games for 45 bucks? Not bad at all.

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There's no way that was the announcement.

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The framerate on PS4 scared me more than any part of that episode. Seriously crapcom, get your act together.

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That's your opinion, but in terms of sheer depth and strategy, Devil May Cry 3 and 4 are the pinnacle of the hack and slash genre.

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You also don't have Bloodborne to deal with. Uncharted 4 to deal with. Persona 5 to deal with. Rime to deal with. Infamous to deal with. LittleBIGPlanet to deal with. Tearaway to deal with. Ratchet and Clank to deal with. Until Dawn to deal with. God Of War to deal with.
It's such a great time to be a PC only gamer. s/

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Well that's GOTY 2015 confirmed anyway.

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It's a good game, that's for sure. But great?
I thought the graphics and presentation were incredible, the sound design and voice acting mind-blowingly good, the story interesting and the gameplay solid.


The game ends just as the story starts to pick up. You can't skip cutscenes, even on a subsequent playthrough. The A.I really was quite poor and the game is quite short with very little replay value.

I would give the...

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@Fatal-Aim You totally destroyed his 'argument'. Lets see how he replies to th...oh wait he can't. :)

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I know, it's crazy. I had to give my vita a kidney transplant the other day to keep it going.

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