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Journey is a masterpiece that I highly recommend everyone at least try. I was tempted to buy lords of the fallen several times so I'm happy with this months games overall. Hopefully the price hike of playstation plus means months like this will start becoming the norm.

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You're delusional if you think Microsoft are going to murder Sony. Their barely a blip on Sony's radar at this point. If anything, Microsoft have just murdered their own console by eliminating any reason to buy one.

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I have a decnt PC and a PS4. As long as Sony keep releasing great games, I'm not going anywhere. But I'm going to be honest. I'd rather Sony use the power of the Neo to get all games running at 60FPS instead of aiming for 4K.

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Um...why? I've spent a small fortune on PS4 games. Why would I want to get rid of my library so I can get a PC? Especially since my games will still work on this better hardware.

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Did the PS2 games look like Pixar movies? High frame rates are great and all, but in this case, I'm happy Insomniac decided to push the visuals. The game looks mind blowing.

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This should have been the big news, not a fricking clothing range. I don't even play board games that often and I'm excited for this.

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@Hoffman Yes because everyone has a PC capable of emulating Final Fantasy Xii in 1080p and 60FPS. Face facts. Not everyone games on PC or emulates games.

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That seems far more likely. Bandai Namco have no say when it comes to either Demon's Souls or Bloodborne.

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Am I the only one who thought they meant like 3 full priced games there for a minute and that we'd have to pay $180 for the full experience? Thank god that's not the case. I'm actually pretty ok with this.

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Please just be good whatever it is. I felt like the Sonic games were starting to get really good again. Then they blew it with Sonic Boom.

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I'm actually looking forward to playstation VR more than Oculus. I know that may sound stupid but if the price is right, I'll definitely be picking it up day one.

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Well if a game is made to be played at 30, enemies usually take longer to hit you. A lot of the enemies in bloodborne can take like three seconds to hit you. If the game was made to be played at 60, enemies would probably be designed to hit you in half the time. Just what I think. I may be wrong though.
I don't think 30 is unplayable and I do game on PC quite a bit. Remember that during the ps1 days it was common to play some games at 15fps. Ocarina of time was 18fps for example. ...

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30FPS certainly isn't better than 60 but it's still playable if the game was optimised to play at 30. What I mean by that is if a game is designed from the ground up for 30FPS like Bloodborne enemy animations will be longer, giving you more time to dodge or attack to make up for the increased latency. That seems to be the case here. The game might not run as well as it should, but it will still be totally playable on PC.

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How is it dumb? Dark Souls 1 ran at 30 on PC until it was modded. This doesn't really affect me because I'm buying it on PS4 but I do feel bad for PC players if this is true, especially those who don't know how to mod. This is unacceptable in 2016.

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Wait a minute...The original Witcher is only on PC. The sequel wasn't on PS3 and came to 360 much later. The Witcher 3 was the only game to launch on all platforms simultaneously. And you're tell me The Witcher franchise has sold most on PC? Oh you don't say.

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I think you may be right about that. Look at Netflix, spotify and all these other streaming services. They're taking over the world right now. It's fair to assume that games may be next.

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I'm not sure if this trend continues that there will even be a next gen of consoles. If Sony starts bringing there games to PC which I don't think they will but if they do I'll just get a gaming PC and nothing else.

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I'm not against this actually. Now I never have to get an Xbox. I'm happy with just my PC and PS4. And Xbox owners will probably get more console exclusives through this as well.

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Layers of fear was actually pretty decent. And Alison Roads looks like it may be decent too. I'm actually happy that P.T. has inspired so many to make their own horror game.

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