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I haven't played at all since I beat the game even though I have the taken king because I apparently can't ever play any missions, always missing some kind of pack or add-on.

This is supposed to be a "living" game and I think they failed at capturing that concept well. It's not a living game, more like a money making game.

Played it, beat it, got annoyed at all the financial road blocks... stopped. THAT'S PLAIN AND SIMPLE.

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I'm sick of seeing framerate and resolution crying on sites for consoles. This crying goes back to the first polygon based video games and just needs to stop. Consoles don't have very powerful hardware, that is a fact... so if a company gives you a very polished and smooth game them you should be glad, but don't expect it, it's not something that's easy for developers to achieve with really inferior hardware.

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Honestly, what is so difficult to understand about their pricing?

The work it takes to get ps2 games working fully on the ps4.
Retrofitting old tech/code and adding new tech/trophies.
Remembering that Sony is a corporation and needs to be profitable so it can keep bringing you new games and consoles.

So really, where is the surprise? Or is this all just entitlement crying? You do know that nothing is free right?

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Had a long talk with an old friend about this. I'm 32 now and so is he, we were both in line at KB Toys in NYC to buy our copies the day they were released on psx.

I feel compelled to comment on this because I do NOT want the story to change. I want them to ADD details and fill in the BLANKS, but they should NOT alter or modify the story in any way. The original story was gold, if not confusing at times, it was worth studying and learning and replaying and discussing and...

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It's really funny how everyone online acts like they are developers and computer experts. lol

Leave the game development to the people who have been doing it their entire lives and have been winning award after award for their writing, their graphics, their story, their music and their appeal.

Just shut up, sit back and enjoy. What's so hard about that? Everybody wasn't a critic until the internet made all these "writers/bloggers" into &...

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I have not commented or logged in for a long time. I usually just read the news.

But I feel strongly compelled to alarm everyone of the massive giant bullshit smell stuck in my nose from this rancid review.

Shame on them.

Still buying this day 1.

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Why would gamers be disinterested in the Wii-U?

Let's see...

1. Hardware specs underwhelming.
2. More proprietary hardware. (It's 2012, let's follow some standards please)
3. Same old, same old games + "U" (Super Mario U looks the same as Super Mario Wii)
4. Market Saturation with Wii prevents same from ever occurring for Nintendo in at least 2 gens. (When there are over 100 million Wii's sold... do you really...

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I'm so glad I got BestBuy to do the price match yesterday and got LA Noire and Black Ops for $50. (NYC).

HAHAHAHAHA, ok, i'm done.

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10:59am New York City (Mid-Town)
Best Buy here on 5th Ave and 44th Street price matched with no problem. Got LA Noire and Black Ops for $50 + tax.

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It's always hard to say anything is the 'Best', mainly because of all the varying tastes out there. If you ask me, Final Fantasy 7 and Xenogears for PSX and maybe even Lunar Silver Star Story are the best games. Why? Because I remember running home to play them, and sneaking up late at night to get a few levels in before school the next morning.

It all depends on preferences, nostalgia, and lasting appeal. I personally do not think Zelda OOT is anywhere near the ...

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I haven't commented in over 6 months, been too busy with work and life in general, but this video really compelled me to post a comment.

Whoever was behind the reboot of this series, bravo, because I absolutely love it and think this is DEFINITELY the direction that the game should have taken.

Remember the days of walking in Tomb Raider? Or positioning yourself exactly in line with a ledge painfully to make a connecting jump? Aaahh!

The s...

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I don't even know what to say, that's just so disturbing.

The father has some serious blame to take here.

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The reviews and feedback to this game remind me a lot of Confrontation. Sad, but I think the reviews are onto something. When the price drops, I plan on picking this game up, but for $60, I'm going to pass.

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No matter what the next Nintendo console will be or what kind of specs it will have, it is going to fail in terms of sales. Why? Because there is simply too much market saturation with Wii's. Too many people have purchased and spent a lot of money on Wii's. All those extra steering wheels and wiimotes and nunchucks and wiimote covers/grips all cost money, and the games are expensive too.

Looking at that fact, and the fact that Nintendo's software (outside 1st party) hasn't really...

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I played and enjoyed the hell out of the first Halo, and that was it. Never really found much of a reason to play any other Halo games. It was pretty much the same old same old while other shooters were trying out cool new things.

I do want to get back into the Halo universe though, but this franchise now seems more about hype than about quality recently, so we'll see.

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If Dante's Inferno outsells GoWIII, it will be ONLY because of the fact that Dante's is MultiPlatform.

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When games take this long to make and have this many complications/release date changes, and this much hype, it usually doesn't end well.

My excitement for this game is ZERO. And that's coming from a true Gran Turismo fan over the years.

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LOL. This article is a joke right? lol

Uncharted 2 looks better in every respect. A game with more polygons, final release and amazing reviews versus an extremely promising game that isn't released yet? And he uses concept artwork as comparisons? LMFAO, someone shoot me... please...

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Wow.. looking good! :D

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