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The developers should of addressed this in development. Auto saves aren't a new thing. I've had similar instances in Halo games where as soon as I respawn I die and after about 5 to 10 times of it happening the game reverts to the previous auto save.

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I prefer PUBG. It's more intense and victory in PUBG feels far more satisfying. Fortnite feels like Minecraft Battle Royale to me.

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Just go straight for a 4TB or 5TB portable mate. Seen some 4TB on sale for $100. Worth it

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"Basically what I've been saying. I heard a lot of talk about how powerful the xbox one x is then when I watch comparisons between ps4 pro games I see people zooming 200 percent and more in order for others to discern a difference."

And how is that any different to 2013/2014 when all we would see is 900p vs 1080p XB1 vs PS4 comparisons of games and people would have to pause videos and zoom in to see differences. All the PS4 f...

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Yeah that's correct. July 1st to September 30th is Q1 of Fiscal Year 2018. Q2 is the Xmas period and runs from October 1st to December 31st.

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Because FY (Financial Year) runs from July 1st 2017 to June 30th 2018.

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It might sound weird but I am kind of glad they went the casual route with Destiny 2. I put alot of hours into Destiny 1 and for that alot of my other games suffered and have sat waiting for me to get around to playing them. I find I can log on Destiny 2 once a week run my Milestones and I'm free to clear some of my backlog of games and actually finish them. Destiny 1 felt like a 2nd job sometimes.

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Lol I struggled to get my rythem in that first level and spent longer on it than I thought I would. Been a while since I played this kind of game aswell. Once I got adjusted I started doing alot better and I've almost finished the first world in around 2 hours. Stick with it. It's a good game and that feeling you get after finishing a level you have been stuck on is great :)

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I think Xbox will be lucky to reach 50 million by the end of the generation.

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I'm with you there. Gunplay wise Halo 5 was great. Just fell way short on the story telling. I mean having Chief for only 3 missions was a huge letdown.

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But you never said *most in your post. That's why I mentioned it. Not denying it will sell more on PS4. Just your first comment assume people in general as in all people. I consider myself part of this people group and I own both consoles but chose to buy it on Xbox as that's where I played Destiny 1 on and that's where most of my friends are playing it on too.

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*some people

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False. Not many people from Bungie stayed for 343. Almost all of the senior staff from Bungie stayed with them and continued to work on Destiny. The only recognisable name from Bungie who went to 343 was Frank O'Connor. Actual numbers is about 3. Funnily enough there was about 2 or 3 employees who left 343 and are now working at Bungie.

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Best Console version. PC with over 30fps will be the Best version

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Was playing it 16 hrs ago on Xbox.

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Most definitely not. Just more useless collectable junk to add to the pile haha

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I bought the Collectors edition with the bag was $350 AUD then pre ordered standard digital edition for $99.95 AUD so it was pre loaded ready to go.

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A great game is a great game regardless of the platform it's on

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3rd by what a million or less sales. Totally negligible amount. Some sites even have the 360 selling just higher but who cares. The 360 had the bigger selling exclusives over the PS3. Only the Wii had a higher selling exclusive. The 360 definitely did have its glory days. 2007 and 2008 specifically. Had almost double the software attach rate then any of its competitors. Had more game critics awards then anybody else and had the biggest exclusive released with Halo 3. After 2010 it was all do...

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