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RIP Xbox 2001 - 2016.

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Haha no.

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22mil PS4 vs 12mil Xbox one, yeah Sony is shaking in their boots /s

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Outsold PS4 by 13k meh.

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Meanwhile games are still being release at 1080p on PS4 and 900p on Xbone but sure they're "nearly indentical"..../s

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Someone took the term "high definition" wrongly.

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I'm glad it's Tomb raider and not a game I care about like Fallout or Mass Effect.

I couldn't care less about Tomb Raider to be honest.

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What bullshit is this?

I have about 20 games on Steam and they're all offline games.

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You had a good run Sony, Xbone got this in the bag now.

Thanks Pacther.../s

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Wow, huge improvement over the last time I played the closed Beta a month ago. I guess this explains why there haven't been many sessions lately.

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You need to stop whatever the hell you're doing and go listen to Phil Collins right now...

you should feel ashamed j/k

Great Song also check out Phil Collins - One more night

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They're talking about Ai routines, not characters.

for example Dynasty warriors had hundreds of enemies on screen but they all share the same 1 or 2 Ai routines, it's the same in most Zombie games.

24 AI routine is fucking insane, that means if they're a lot of enemy on screen the have 24 different Ai they could choose from which lead to less predictability.

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The irony...

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PS4 for the extra 1hour content and the controller preference.

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Metro alone will make me avoid this DLC like the plague.

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I'll wait for other gaming sites to chime in, I don't trust polygon's words.

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He just made it worse...

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Most games don't even support local co-op nowadays.

I miss the 90s.

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GT5 alone sold over 10mil how is Forza number 1 again?

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This is great, too bad I'll be spending time jacking cars instead of paying for gas lol.

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