I don't know about angels, but it's fear that gives men wings.


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That's amazing, I might buy another because it's such a great deal.

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Another great score for a 3ds game. So many games to have on 3ds.

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I'd buy two of these, at the same time, that's how good this deal is.

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I think the ps4 will be more than capable of 4k, I think it will be able to do treble that.

That's right, I think the ps4 could do 12k, without breaking a sweat.

The ps4 is the most important time in human history. It is the beginning AND the end.

The ps4 will define the Human race.

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And mine, that looks incredible.

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Wow, that is value for money.


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Looks amazing.

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Does any serious pc gamer think of Windows as a purchase?

Sorry, but I don't. I've played on computers since the zx81 and I've never paid for an operating system.

If there is one operating system you can comfortably illegally download without any guilt, it is Windows.

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If you can tell me exactly what money each platform makes a year I'll take your comment seriously.

Your move, start with the pc gaming industry.

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I prefer proper football, the kind of game where you actually use your feet more than your hands. American football fans tend to call it soccer.

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NYC_Gamer is talking a load of horsesh*t again. What else is new.

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'The Last Guardian'

I have more hope of a Half Life 3 than I do The Last Guardian. It's some serious vapourware right now.

I want it as well, but it's not looking good.

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I know what you are saying but I'd much rather have a psu that gave a bit of room for upgrading than a psu that just suited the spec.

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I have a lovely jacket, it has several straps. People keep making me wear it.

But I don't want to...I don't want to...

I'm only joking btw.

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Isn't 2 2 gig 560ti's the equivalent of a 680? I didn't disagree with you btw, some other monkey did that.

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The one thing going for my ps3 at the moment is playstation plus, I think it's the best deal on consoles. I'm always telling people I know who have one to get it, it pays for itself.

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I'd go the 1tb, that should last you a good while and for a good price.

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I hope it runs better than Revelations, because that run like crap. If anyone has it, can you tell me what it plays like on yours. I've got a 570gtx and a 2500k, so if it runs well on an equivalent rig I might actually buy it.

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Ask Akuma and people like him dude, they make me laugh with their delusions.

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