Beast of the 242 so so tru
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im waiting till its out cuple months for super version your not gonna get me this time capcom

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wow E.A traded nba live for nba jams but i gata buy this love the game i hav it on my ipod touch and its really fun so cud just imagine on my ps3 :)

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nintendo please hurry with the wii u it aint cool to look like a original xbox graphics in 2011

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very well written article

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cnt get one these bad boys till mabe august anyway :( gata wait till im on vacation in united states it will cost mabe $500.00 in bahamas

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stfu man. im verry happy with what devs are doing now some devs are mehhh but then others are like wrking real hard and making things happen

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this is b.s

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if game is too realistic it takes away the fun factor

i know what they mean and i welcome all improvements. im happy with my ps3 and 360 soo when they choose to upgrade is good i know for sure i wnt be buyin any of console out the gate im waitin for atleast a year if i can resist that is

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3ds is beasting it out. that price cut made a world of difference and im glad the ps3 is doing pretty good. ps2 you are champion of all consoles you demand to be respected

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this is b.s imo i think they should upgrade characters and balance the game through update i got the original game and its not too bad except i get my ass kiked online but this is disturbing and they keep doing it wit all titles

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if any gears was 2 come to the ps3 i would be happy i mean it wudnt really matter becuz i gat a 360 so i still get 2 play the game just that most of friends are on ps3 plus psn is free

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that is beautiful

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yeah this if deffinately one of my top series of all time

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well good much of those can actually make movies once they script it rite and make it interesting and mabe leave the original devs 2 giv big hand in the project

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if your confident in ur game then you will release a beta and we must remember no matter what we will always find those that b*tch about every single detail as is they are perfect human beings uncharted 2 off the chains beta no complaints uncharted 3 off the chains beta no complaints because they are quality and naughty dogg knows this. jaffe has a big mouth so he prolly cnt take rejection and people speaking down on his work but twisted metal seems 2 be a really fun game and already has a pr...

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3ds will be success like the ds gata realize it means the original ds, ds lite, dsi and the dsi xl they are all apart of thet 50 million

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well they really mad it too big they could save some of that plastic one of those cases can actually make 2

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b.s too damn expensive i would buy a kinect before i buy this

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once it isnt too expensive ill buy a wii u. i never bought wii soo if i get this ill have a wii and a wii u can still use wiimote i heard and the new controller is kinda wiked just wish it was a hd screen on it

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