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Wow. That hand. We know what it means...

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Blackout has vehicles too now my dude. I am not getting either, just saying.

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LOL, I was playing the beta today and my friend revived me and I couldn't spawn. I had to sit in a frozen glitched screen, ended up having to leave match.

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So how long until my GTX1080TI stops making the cut for 4k...?

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I upvoted you but you are about to get downvotes hard...

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I have actually played the BO4 beta and I can easily say yes.

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LMAO. I said I would play the beta and people downvoted me. I played last night and it really does suck. The garbage maps ruin it.

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I'll be playing the beta as soon as it drops. if anyone wants to hear my impressions I can probably stream or record.

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I love people like you.

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I strongly disagree. The defeat of Fontaine was awesome. Did this guy even discuss howe play as Fontaine's son? I also don't know about Infinite's true ending revelation. Wasn't it more focused on the uncovering of the separate dimensions? Booker being Comstock was huge but come on.

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If you think The Division was bad... you should look at Watchdogs. I have heard there was some sick shit that could only come from a prejudicial mind in there.

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It is funny how the title confused me so much, thanks for reassuring me that I am not crazy.

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Days gone looks like it has dookey writing and Anthem kinda does look like Destiny. Divison 2 will most likely be a clone.

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This is nothing but PR and marketing propaganda. I will not forget what they have done, and I refuse to grind and farm any longer. This game will remain a repetitive, team shooting, fashion contest and gambling simulator. It almost seems they have been listening to our complaints. I am disgusted that these developers can say things like "Players who hate PvP" and "feedback over the last year."

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Preach my brudda, preach.

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They replaced Prophet with the Keegan, the token from Ghosts?

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Look at that image. Kratos is a magnificent beast.

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Take it from someone like me, (I can show you my hundreds of hours on the SA) the SA is fun but and not weak in the damage department but overall the weapon does get outclassed by other weapons. I mean that it takes some effort to put out damage that is nice but not good or great.

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Nice article, very informative. Now... to drop the Switch axe and pick up the Charge blade.

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