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I like the Switch it's cool but with my OLED tv and the Valve Index around the corner I'm saving my money

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We need a the Prime trilogy to be available on the Switch or better yet and entire Metroid Anthology in one package but that's probably too much to ask for

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Definitely had the best vibes and the suburbs were really awesome to skate through especially as fan of older skate videos.

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This with humble bundle or game pass and you would basically never have to buy games for it

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When I can walk into a store and by it in person, that's when I will buy

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Canada is really cold now

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Still no Metroid. Come on Nintendo

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They should put those delicious looking meals from World back in the game. Not a fan of those ball treats they eat or that annoying theme song. Games good tho

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They should have just left the game alone and never made a direct sequel. A new game in the same world would have been a better alternative.

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Well this is when piracy is a good option

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There's always that one game that almost never goes on sale

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Killzone 2 would be amazing

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Been meaning to play this game since it came out but never got around to it. What a strange game, you play as the great-grandfather of biblical Noah before the great flood. Leave it to the japanese to make a game out of an obscure biblical character.

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Imagine if nintendo had a proper vr headset. All the 3ds games could potentially get ports for it. Or just imagine what Nintendo could do with Vr . Kinda off topic sorry

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With the right people it's fun. Also the soundtrack is really good

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I just need alot more dungeons (more traditional like the old games) and please add fishing and get rid of the weapon durability and I would be happy.

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They do this on purpose to get a reaction out of people. Not really a big deal

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Just bought it again for pc. Still breathtaking compared to most other games

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Well with those mini pc handhelds coming out soon that are essentially on par with a ps4 there is definitely a market for a high end portable devise however niche. Not to mention the success of the Switch. PSP3 would probably flop but I would still buy it.

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This game should be able to reach 120fps at a lower resolution. Amazing stuff

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