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You are funny.

Why would 360 fanboys be offended for comparing an as of yet unproven IP with the definitive game of the racing genre? Oh that's right, fanboys think GT5 is not definitive and already presume Alan Wake must be the second coming of Master Chief or whatever.

Also, I am not a PS3 fanboy, I'm only a rational consumer that recognizes the good quality products from the sh1t, but of course, those that can't take the truth will have to label me as a fanboy t...

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"Announced back in 2005, we were starting to fear that Alan Wake would become the Gran Turismo 5 of the Xbox 360."

This is one of the dumbest things ever written by a gaming pseudo-journalist. What a moron. How do these people manage to make a living?

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If you're a man and want to enjoy Blu-ray, then you'd have to be an idiot to not buy a PS3.

@ReBurn, not only is that off-topic, but to address your point, are you implying that girls, on average, know as much as men about technology? Because if you are, then you better have evidence to back that up, otherwise you probably belong in the group of men that buy blu-ray players but don't buy a PS3 (see above).

@kaveti, please show any Blu-ray player that is actually sup...

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PS3 actually has exclusives, 360 has RROD so it is worthless even for multiplats. Also, PS3 has free online. It should be a no-brainer for everyone except for morons.

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This is all opinion-based garbage.

"Lack of BC". Get a Phat one, but you're an idiot for selling it in the first place. Still, it has PS1 BC, which is better than having Xbox BC. PS1 has better games than the first Xbox.

PSN is a reason not to? It's free and just as good as LIVE. Only idiots justify paying for something that's free elsewhere. Microsoft is laughing all the way to the bank for brainwashing people into believing they're actually paying for som...

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When I saw you talk about GOW2 sales on PS2 I was laughing my ass off considering you forgot not only the fact that PS2 was getting old by then and that people were moving on to next-gen (it was 2007, all three consoles were out, as were PS2 and DS), but also piracy, which was huge on PS2.

Anyway, never trust your own reasoning; not saying this in general, just particularly for you (though I'm sure there are many other individuals to which the same rule should apply). You've been...

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Not surprising, nobody should be dumb enough to believe that the they said the iPhone is the reason to date someone. What this means is that, if the guy has an iPhone, they would be more likely to date him, probably because it's a fact relevant to their lifestyle. But then again, I may be giving women the benefit of the doubt.

Anyway, the problem with revealing stats like these is that morons out there will go out and buy an iPhone to get more dates. The only thing that would do ...

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Just sayin'

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I love it when they say the Wii has the largest amount of classic games (As if any hardcore gamer wants to re-buy games they've already played and that they have in their closet), the largest amount of "hardcore" games (conveniently ignoring every hardcore game that PS3, 360 and PC have, like every ideologue does), and that PS3, PC and 360 "only have shooters" (because they think that since shooters have become popular, then the platforms they don't like must be only about...

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"Don't shift burden of proof on me, I am not making the claim that Sony will outsell Nintendo. You guys are. So it's up to you to have some proof that isn't based on a vague future. "

But you did claim that Sony WON'T make as much profit, which is also based on a vague future. In math, if you deny something, you have to prove it too. Just like a proposition isn't true when there's no proof about its state of truth, a proposition isn't necessarily false when there isn't ...

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"Sony has not made the most profit, and they wont."

You're asserting they won't, as if you know the future. And since you know the future, can you tell me who's going to win the world cup in advance? Blu-ray was victorious thanks to PS3, so you have to factor all of Blu-ray's profits in the future, and that includes sales of HDTV thanks to Blu-ray. So, if you at least want to prove that Sony WON'T make as much money as Nintendo, then please make a reasonable model of al...

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I would rather have Grand Theft Mario with the same gameplay but different coat of paint (i.e. sadness gray and bloody red)

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Also worst FF

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Free pass as usual. Heavenly Sword got the same complements and criticisms except it came out 3 years before. Double Standards FTW

BTW, why are Xbox fanboys moving the goal post? Suddenly it's AAA when it suits you best.

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