Happy Call of Duty player -Also fan of Alan Wake, Grand Theft Auto, Battlefield, Max Payne and Zelda


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Works fine for me (PSN Europe, Netherlands) speaking of the menus, store, GTA and Battlefield 4 online.

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This is just the reveal trailer from back in may, sliced to pieces.

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Jesus christ, no.

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It's not a zombie map, it's a multiplayer map; the original Nuketown multiplayer map redesigned and probably made bigger for the new movement system.

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I've never had connection problems with any COD (Xbox 360 and PlayStation 4).

Maybe people should buy some better internet -I know internet in the United States isn't the best. Here in The Netherlands I'm fine with a PS4 connected with a cable.

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Donate to Call of Duty Endowment, which helps veterans to get back in the society.

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Well, if all three games have multiplayer, Sony has to set up multiplayer servers for all games. +The games are basically focussed around the singleplayer.

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So no Mafia III? :(

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I agree with the writer.

It's difficult to get exited about a Call of Duty or Assassins Creed game these days.

I used to play Call of Duty every day till 2012. It's the same every year. And even with the new Exo's, the game feels just like a regular Call of Duty after a few months.

They should take a break with both franchises and release the next one at it's earliest in 2017 or 2018.

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Call of Duty 3
World at War
Black Ops
Black Ops II
Black Ops III

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Well, 4 player co-op, wall running, beta coming with pre-order, specialists, multiplayer at gamescom..

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100% true. I can understand people love their Vita, but let's be honnest: It's a commercial flop.

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Co Op campaign confirmed! http://m.imgur.com/a/EJ14k

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@Decrypt lol, can't call that a 'win' for the 'Master Race'.

The fact that console gamers pay for their games and DLC's is the reason Rockstar releases games like Red Dead Redemption on console- and not on PC.

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Lol, AW isn't even out yet and I'll think it will be a great game.

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Could be. I copied this from the official Playstation Blog:

"Today, I’m excited to announce that if you pre-order Grand Theft Auto V from PlayStation Store by November 3rd, you’ll receive an additional $300K for Grand Theft Auto Online..."

November 3rd is one day before the rumored PS4 release date LOLL.

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Clicked 12 times and it was a total waste of time since I already knew everything. Should've read the comments before :(


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1080p PS4 and 886p Xbox One from what I've heard.

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You probably don't know why you left a comment here too.

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