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I cant run in 1920 cause i have mine plugged into my 40' bravia. game still looked and player super clean though. O yes i forgot about m/kb. Yea i can easily aim and get headshots. 360 version has autoaim.... wow thats even lamer lol. I mean it makes sense but yea....

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Well my pc is plugged into my 40' bravia and I played and beat me2 and loved it. its not jus gfx but framerate and load times. load times on 360 version are insane and I can see why. and 360 version you need to swap disks. sure u can install it to the 360 but not everyone has a hard drive or an elite. That is pretty lame if you ask me. Also i didnt read if anyone said this but the dlc is free on PC

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I just watched my friend play it on x360 because I managed to get him an early copy from a local store and the game looks exactly the same was MW1. I must say I really want to play the single player campaign though it looks awesome

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Seriously ive played infamous and i enjoyed it the whole way through. So far prototype feels very very over the top and un finished. I like how in infamous you still have weakness even though your powerful. It seems like in prototype its just utter chaos and not much rhyme or reason. Imma finish prototype and give my final word. but so far infamous is superior through and through

edit. the color pallette in prototype bugs me also. everything looks red

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The itouch is 229 for 8 gigs here in USA. a 16gb is 299. the psp go has 16gb and is only 250 and it has many of the same features as the itouch except well the touch. I think its just right

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I didnt like waggling to swing the sword in Twilight so id rather leave it the way it is. I Know nintendo isnt going to redo the graphics.

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I for one love Madworld and I think it is the first real attempt to get the most of the Wii. Too bad Wiiers are too busy jumping around like morons on the balance board instead of actually going outside for physical activity. I really hope sega makes an enhanced version of Madworld for the Ps3 and 360 atleast because obviously its blowing in sales right now

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Just like how all your EXCLUSIVE RPGs sold tons on 360??? Why would final fantasy be any different than say IU or Last Remnant or Star Ocean. Star Ocean is great but no ones buying it... Gee I wonder why..

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Controls are fine. Its RE not Gears of War. I agree with LCF. This game is not intended for noobs. I'm playing it on Veteran and I must say its alot more fun when you can take damage easier. People who say that want to run and shoot, again they should not bother with RE then because its not a shooter, its survival horror. The horror is still there. Knowing that you might not have enough ammo to kill off all the baddies is scary, or knowing the next checkpoint is far and your in red lol

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They've got a winner and I hope people really take notice of this game

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More like the MSFT lovers who are PTFO about the Xbox 1 closing up shop early

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Unless it is new adopters of the game they might buy the dlc but a majority of the fans bought it at release and could prolly care less =/. 360 and ps3ers alike have stopped talking about this game. They waited way to long to get this out imo. I'm done with the GTA franchise i think

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Mass Effect is one of the "exclusives" ppl tend to overlook on 360. It's one of the better games on 360 but of course superior on PC (version I have.) Its really a great game and I finally had the opportunity to play it and I must say I am very pleased. I'm really glad more people will be able to play this brilliant open ended rpg shooter. I actually found this game more enjoyable then fallout 3. Fallout is amazing too but I guess I am more into the story and characters. Fallout rea...

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I wonder how much they could drop the price if they dropped the built in wireless internet. Maybe even make the hard disk a little smaller? Regress back to 40 or 60 gig? or even the 20 gig? People would end up buying bigger hard drives neway because people do that such a thing to their 60's and 80's (I need to.) And then sony could release their own version of msfts 99.99 wireless network adapter. I have a wireless gaming adapter i use for my PC and if i get a 360 ill jus get a hub and use my...

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Whoooooooooooooooooooooooooooo oooooooo CARES?!

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If Nintendo forces devs to make their games ****ier I'll boycott the big N for good. I'm a long time Nintendo supporter and the industry should be advancing not regressing back to the 90's =/

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I'm on my first ps3 its a 2nd wave 60gb and it runs perfect. Never had a problem with my fat ps2. Atleast Sony is humble and hot always out for peoples throats.

Same with nintendo. Never had 1 problem with any of the consoles... except my launch gamecube so i exchanged the indigo for a black and its ran fine since.

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I still find it strange that IGN liked this game better than everyone else did. Personally I loved playing R2 and I enjoy the multiplayer regularly.

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I love TMNT so Im gonna have to check it out. Gamefly FTW

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I'm sure theres some good games in that list but just the sheer amount of S*** thats gonna come out is depressing

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