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finally, maybe now sony fanatics will stop putting that game in their 'lists of truth' every single year like they did with last guardian.

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Again with the implications that my opinion is something that needs to be listened to... you people really are too serious about this stuff, smh.

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well of course it's my opinion, lol, didn't know I needed to emphasize that. As for wanting people not play that, either way is fine really, it's just not goty contender.

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It's really not, fetch quests and weak plot are major downsides of this game, no way this deserves GOTY award.

Oh, and from the review:

"It is one of the best open world game on the current generation consoles"

You have got to be kidding. It's not even close.

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I loved everything about XCX except for story which was lackluster.

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Hohohohooooly sh*t, that PC master wait burnt tho.

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so salty

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Everything in me is ready.

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I wouldn't even pay 50 bucks to exchange my current ps4 if the benefits were that small.

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sharing a pixelated ass crack stretched a bit to look like a vagina is hardly pornographic content, nudity? Yes, but not entirely pornographic [yes, there's a difference].

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Ok, new update, after all the media took interest in this case, Sony revoked the ban, so there's that.

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He still didn't like it, take Witcher for example:

Much more positive feedback and comedy.

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Well his account was suspended already so he couldn't do anything on it to warrant an extension. This is really shit move in my opinion.

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After making a thread on neogaf explaining the situation, Sony extended his ban from 1 week to 1 month, wow, just wow.

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I'm still hoping for physical CE :/

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quality indeed:

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prove it :>

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Best MGS gameplay, worst story.

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