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Whatever. This is the standard now. As long as there are pirates there will be Denuvo.

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Curious why people only want this on the console they own and don't want people on other consoles to play it. I think I know the answer but curious to hear it straight from the horse's mouth. Anyone who feels this way care to share?

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Surprised there aren't any comments about this. This game looks it's the next best thing to a Final Fantasy Tactics sequel. The art and animation is also gorgeous. This is the game of the Direct for me.

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This better not be delayed. Already requested time off for launch ;)

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Lifting weights is good but try to incorporate some cardio in there. Best thing to do is to start kettlebell training. Start with some beginner routines then work your way up from there. Trust me you will feel so much better.

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Gamers need to take better care of themselves. If someone is going to be prone for a very long time playing games every day they need to exercise regularly and try maintain a somewhat healthy diet.

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I personally have no interest in this game but if I was I would take a Paste review with the smallest grain of salt. The "journalist" probably normally reviews dildos or something.

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This game looks just as bad as Gollum. Who the hell wants to play as a dwarf? With all the amazing lore that can be mined from The Silmarillion they choose to make a game about the Dwarves of Moria... Devs like this deserve to be shuttered because if they think this is what people want then they shouldn't be making games.

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We have no choice. Can't play games like Diablo IV without PS Plus. If it weren't for that and having to access saves in cloud storage I wouldn't even bother.

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There was nothing wrong with reboot Lara. I thought the character and design were awesome. Studios can't please the whining internet then they try to fix what isn't broken and continue a cycle of messing it up even more.

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Was blown away when I first played Karateka on my c64 waaaay back in the day. The animation was like nothing I'd seen before. Couldn't get very far though.

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This is the world we live in now where everyone is starved for attention and believes they are entitled to do shit like this.
Welcome to the TikTok generation.

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I want to play the older games but I've been spoiled by current gen visuals and can't get over how bland they look. Played the Monstrum Nox demo and it looks like it could have been made over 10 years ago. The gameplay was pretty basic too. Can't figure out why these are so highly rated. Do the mechanics evolve in the full game and are the stories really good? Nordics looks like it's catching up aesthetically and the animation is much better. Will definitely give it a sh...

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People who call it a "game changer" probably never played Devil May Cry 5.

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8/10 is too generous for a heavily flawed game, which this game is. There are great parts of this game which is more disappointing when the bad parts overshadow them. @Abriael, are other people allowed to have an opinion in Japan? You seem very defensive of this game and cannot accept that other people do not like it. Are you really Yoshi-P. Lol!

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Can't you just play the original 360 version upscaled? Gtfoh with this bs? If this pisses you off talk with your money and don't buy GTA VI. These practices will continue if you allow publishers like Take 2 to keep fleecing you.

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Not every game is going to be for you. This is for people who enjoy D&D and tabletop roleplaying. If you didn't enjoy the Divinity games this is definitely not going to be for you. Just like I don't like football so I will never play a Madden game just because they are popular.

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Good. Some of us don't like games that overstay their welcome. Been playing too many games lately that are longer than they need to be.

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Psychological studies have linked fanboyism to identity issues. People who spend their time getting upset about what platform their favorite game is on should worry more about their mental health than other people being able to play Ratchet and Clank on PC.

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Really? This asinine comment is actually getting upvotes, and hasn't been flagged? Goes to show how juvenile this site is.

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