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"This isn't about "what ifs" or "opinion". None of us have played all of these games we're claiming to be anticipating, so how can you know if you prefer anything?"

Really ? Wtf you're smoking? First you say s4 has best lineup, and then you say no one can preffer xbox one games because they didn't come out yet. You are a comedian! Most ridiculous fanboy on this website.
When I look at a game...

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That's exactly how it looked in alpha on XO. Play it, then judge....oh's n4g.

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Here's the ps4 version:


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What are you smoking?
Comparing highest settings on probably 3k worth machine vs xbox one, it looks fantastic on XO. One of my most favourite games of all times. So much better than previous release.

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Fact that battlefield is all about K/D ratio ruins the game. Instead of teamwork, everyone only care about their individual stat. Rainbow six Siege almost got it right.

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felt like playing a movie. Very memorable characters, great story, epic battles with hundreds of characters on screen. Finished it on highest difficulty. Graphics still wow me.

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Exactly. What the F Palmer! 700 euro vs 600 dollars...not to mention that euro is actually more [email protected]#&[email protected]^#[email protected]

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Game is great and works smooth on XO. I'm actually amazed at some effects, especially fur that reacts to wind and lighting effects. I've played it a bit on PC before but didn't get really into it. Now me and my friends can't stop playing! No other game got me so addicted in years.

As for article, you got some things wrong in there which makes me think...did you even play the game? "but you can choose between PvE or PvP severs, or a mixture of both."...

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What are you talking about? 99% of emulated games work better on XO than on 360. Did you even try it?

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I disqualify this "journalist" for using Witcher 2 images. Obviously didn't play it.

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list of all current or future games that use cloud on other consles:


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Bloodborne? Really? The game is great, but it looks like ps3 title and art direction isn't anything special as well. Fallout 4? What you've been smoking, dude?

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Yep. Always getting responses on the forums. Game is crafted the way gamers want. No shortcuts, no dumbing down the game in favor of lazy gamers generation. It's amazing...

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I think the graphics are very good actually. Dinos are very detailed, textures are sharp enough, lighting is quite amazing. The only problem for me is low resolution. Not sure if it's dynamic or something, but I wish it would be a stable 900p. Dev did state in tweeter that they're gonna up the resolution before the final release. I also like that the framerate is unlocked. Sure there are times it drops to 25 or so, but most of time for me even in the jungle it's running above 40, ...

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This game is so addicting...played it on XO yesterday for too long...made me skip the gym...not good!

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1440p and 60 fps is enough. I want PFS more than anything else.

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Did I say it doesn't happen with other companies? Sony has the worst record (last guardian, gran turismo..), but it happens everywhere. I thought this is a topic about Sony. Why to bring up MS?

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