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In your description you state "Since when is there an 'A' button on the Playstation 3?", however in the video, I didn't see any button-press prompts for the PS3 version that told the player to hit the A button.

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Los Angeles, CA at the convention center

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Illegal immigrants crossing into America is not fun and games, but a serious matter. They don't deserve or have a right to be here and we really need EXTREMELY tighter borders and border patrol agents with more rights as to how they can apprehend the illegal mexican (majority, although illegal immigrants come from all over) immigrants.

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lol. "we get the idea, you hate Halo 3. Great, thanks and bye." haha

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This isn't a duplicate story. This news post is saying that it has actually been confirmed, not that it has just been rumored. Read the full title of a news post before reporting it.

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I would have been extremely surprised if the PSP actually surpassed the DS in yearly sales. It's nearly impossible for the PSP, because the DS has such a HUGE fanbase and "everyone" knows about it, as well as being a lot more accessible for the casual gamer than the PSP.

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How is this a duplicate story? This post was made before the other one.

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