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Stop showin me your hand signals Kojima and Avi. I don't give a damn if you're in your little fraternity.

Seem like everybody wants to be in these circle jerk clubs these days. All of em can eat a Jumbo.

Soon as people start talkin about Hollywood they start clasping their hands like Egor and flashing skull rings.

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Yall serious? I knew she was black the first time I saw her in the very first trailer.

Is that what black people are these days? Tan white people? Really yall? Really? You can't tell the difference in her pheno-type from the white people in the game?

Must be a new world where people are actually starting to believe there's no difference between black and white people if yall can't tell a black woman from a white one.

By the way......

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More people watch netflix on PS3 because they only have to pay for THAT service.

Lots of online apps are used more because they don't require a fee ontop of a fee or just free up front.

The fact that it's there with no strings attached is more the reason than being an "all in one media hub".

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I don't think falviousuk read the link he posted. While the system is on and in use you CANNOT disable the kinect.

It WILL be monitoring you and everyone else in the room.

The device has patents that will limit how many people can be viewing content on one machine and it's already in TOS that it can, and WILL be accessed remotely.

Turning the camera off by unplugging the system is redundant, as you wont be able to even use the syste...

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C'mon now...I can agree with the info about the NES code being in japanese, but, "Nintendo had all the best Talent"?

And I think you're talking about from NES AND onward. I gotta strongly disagree with you here, but save for only Link to The Past and Super Mario World, all my favorite games have come from other companies.

You might be a Nintendo fan but to bolster BS like that.

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I dunno who wrote this but the view of their video game history is very distorted and skewed.

The best games on PS2 were made by Insomniac and Naughty Dog? Not only did you forget about Rockstar and EA, but you forget that 98% of all the games on the PS2 were hitting out of japanese studios.

I dunno, but some of this information seems loaded.

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Oh so the problem with "My Hands" wasn't because of the song not being good...just because Leona was black.

OK, I see now.

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If you read between the lines of his character and how he became to change Hope was a weakling little punk.

He should have stood up and been a man, but he let his mother take that gun and die instead of fighting himself.

He gained his fate of "becoming a monster" because he wanted to throw the blame of his own weakness onto some one else. Not only that, but to MURDER that person.

He was whiny and held no responsibility. He eventuall...

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Nah dude, Street Fighter X Tekken is CAPCOM's game. Tekken X Street Fighter is Namco's.

They are going about the project financially jointed, but creatively separate.

There's a dozen interviews out there where Ono explains this over and over.

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What? You know CAPCOM is developing this game dont you?

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How you leave out Disgaea4, WKC2, Hyperdimension Neptunia, Atelier Totori, Dark Souls, Sly Cooper, Ni No Kuni, AND Tales of Xillia.

And Dragon Quest 10 aint even comin out this year.

I like how you only named all first party PS3 games for this year, but only had 2 for Nintendo with the rest being 3rd party.

This year ALONE blows away anything Nintendo stil has to come. And I dont like sayin that cause I kinda like Last Story and XenoBlade. ...

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I can play all the media that's on both of my HDD on my know what the damn thing is made to do? Stream Media?

You get all the Thumbnails and other BS, what more do you want? Have you actually used the Media server in your home or are you just talking about what you would hope isn't a lie?

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Azure Dreams is definitely one of my Favorite games from the PS1 era. Although it can be short in some aspects; The only goal is to each the top of the tower.

A task easier said than done, but it will become cake at a point.

Sunk hundreds of hours into the game and still play it from time to time these days. Wish they'd put it on the PSN.

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One exception to the rule doesn't mean the rule is broken.

And really you're no exception at all if you read what I said. You'd just fall under the tech savvy group that just buys everything just because.

There are reasons items have certain looks and are marketed to appeal to certain groups. You and your "office friends" may buy them all just because your pockets are full, but that doesn't mean you don...

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Don't see how you came to the conclusion that people started buying iPhones/iPads because they're high profile gaming devices and not because of them being computer phones.

The crowd that buys the most iPhones aren't the people who buys the majority of video games on consoles and is totally a different market.

The people who buy iPhones are the same tech savvy or hipster bastards that thought the Wii was innovative but weren't in anyway intere...

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The key word for these games is PATIENCE!

You must have it!

If you spend time with it and learn all it has to offer you will get to be a god of the game.

But a lot of folks who aren't use to its length and difficulty ditch out on it before they get to the good stuff!

Try it out guys! And stick with it! Beating the game is just the tip of the iceberg in this series.

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Any body know if Amazon got a preorder bonus for this? Cause I aint even lookin at Gamestop.

And yall should get the premium edition of this. It comes with more stuff for the same price. Might as well grab that shit.

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Who told you this footage was fake? Or what source did it from from that this isnt the vita engine?

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Well believe it or not most folks don't buy both consoles. They just dont do it.

And Im talkin about the majority not the gamers who buy both consoles all the time.

Like myself, I only have a PS3 and dont plan on buying a 360, but that doesnt mean I'll prolly never get one, just not any time soon.

Every body's gaming situation is different so you just gotta roll with whatcha got.

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They may not be, "Burning" up the charts per say, but they all sell enough to warrant sequels (as we see in the list I put up) and for the companies to continue to expand their catalogs.

This is what Japan has been doing since the PS1 era. Name me any number of Japanese games that have been selling over 2 million from the PS1/Sega Saturn era.

We now street fighter has always sold a good bit, and Final Fantasy. But what other Japanese games have been...

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