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+bubbles for the helpful link. It explains things a little more clearly.

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I personally had the game crash once when I loaded a save; it crashed when I got hit by an enemy for the 1st time after loading.

This was a one-time thing that I reported through the PS4. Hasn't happened since. I wouldn't call this a game 'plagued' with stability issues. Just an odd hick-up.

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I'm really liking this game so far, but I had to start disabling the player messages. While some were helpful, there are WAY too many sexually immature weeaboo remarks.

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I've been itching to buy the PS3 version, but I want to play it on my PS4 so I'm holding off. If they would just announce cross-buy or an upgrade offer I'd jump in and buy it right now.

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I feel this game deserves more then 65/100.

Honestly, at first I wasn't thrilled with this game but as I got deeper into it and learned the mechanics I'm now hooked.

I'm having a hard time taking this review seriously though because they got some facts wrong. They say you can take 2 teams of 3 starchildren at a time, but you can actually bring 3 teams at a time. Did the reviewer really not make enough starchildren at once to see that?

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I've been waiting on an update to fix the “Back for Seconds” Trophy bug. The work-around for it was just too much work and I pretty much stopped playing it around when I encountered it myself out of frustration.

Looking forward to diving back into it on PS3 once the update happens.

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I'm looking forward to Conception 2 and Daylight. I'm also looking forward to spending some time on my backlog due to a rather sparse month....

I'm currently juggling Final Fantasy X, X-2, Tales of Symphonia, Danganronpa, Infamous SS, and trying to finish Dark Souls so I can justify buying Dark Souls 2. :P

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Really enjoy this article series :)

My personal situation is reversed; My husband is the one who doesn't game much (maybe once every 1-2 months for an hour?) and he has a wife (me) who plays many hours each day if my schedule allows it. He doesn't understand my enjoyment of gaming, but he does interject some amusing observations. Like, "didn't you already kill that thing hours ago?" when he sees me re-playing a part of diablo on a higher difficulty.

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I've been holding off on picking this up for 2 reasons...

1. I haven't gotten around to finishing Dark Souls 1 yet
2. The technical issues being reported (this one's only a small factor though)

I'm really hoping a PS4 version will be announced that will clear up a lot of the problems with performance.

The drop of framerate in Blighttown was horrific in DS1 and I've heard there are similar issues in DS2 (although ...

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I'm having a hard time putting this game down long enough to fully enjoy Infamous 2nd son. >.<

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I played portal 2 co-op with my daughter and we had so much fun. She was already very much into gaming though (she's 16 now, was like 12 or 13 at the time of playing).

You learn a lot about a person by playing that game with co-op, lol. I was cautious and calculating, she was just jumping like a spaz everywhere dying repeatedly by trying random 'stuff'. Working through a level was a blast.

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Nice. I played Guided Fate Paradox in both Japanese & English and really enjoyed it. Looking forward to seeing what the improvements are that they mention in the article.

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aaah, I see. This is my first exposure to this term. :)

Like with anything, I don't think it's fair to label everyone in a particular demographic as one all-encompassing term or stereotype. There are always 'good' and 'bad' in any group.

But I get that it's just something that happens and will (sadly) always happen.

Funny thing though, I have a 16-year-old daughter and I think her and her group of fiends (which i...

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Sorry, but WTF are “Millennials”?

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In the winter, probably 40+ hours.
In the summer, about half that.

I hate the cold weather so I pretty much hibernate and game when I'm not working (or cooking, or cleaning, etc).

When the weather is nice I try to get out and enjoy it.

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It's funny, I was going to pick this up tomorrow but then realized I haven't even gotten halfway through Dishonored yet. They seem pretty darn similar.

I think I'll go back and finish Dishonored and wait for this one to hit a lower price-point.

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You know, I remember when XII came out and people screamed and cried about how horrible it was because it was nothing like a 'Final Fantasy' game and too much like the MMO XI was.

Now, years later, I see so many people screaming and crying for a remake because it was soooo awesome.

Gamers can be so fickle.

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The only things I'm interested in seeing is info on 'X' as well as that Fire Emblem/Shin Megami Tensei crossover game. I'd also LOVE it if they announced a proper Pokémon game for WiiU, like the one rumored a little while ago.

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Just finished the first chapter and trial. Loving this game so far!

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Agreed. I was pretty annoyed when they region-locked the 3DS after previously having the DS region-free.

But on the other hand, this has likely contributed to the high 3DS sales since there are those who really want to import games not available here. Those people need to buy an extra 3DS to play those imported games. I'm one of those people. So they got 2 sales out of me for their handheld console where they would have otherwise gotten 1 if it was not region-locked.

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