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gamespot is the worst pro site , but still a step above amateurs blogs such as kotaku

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I was commenting at the whole comparison of GTA4 360 and Halo 3 ...
The sales as a whole of GTA got to be compared to halo , period . Its not suddenly a second and different entity on PS3 , its the same game ... and would probably have sold as much as it did on a single monopolizing console , than it did on both ps3 and 360 .

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I think that, If gta was a 360 or ps3 exclusive , it would has sold as much , maybe even more with still some people waiting on the sidelines , with their ps2 , wich console will get the best titles of '08 .

It being on two consoles dont multiply its possible sales , but rather divide it among two very competitive consoles

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Ea can't do hardcore nor casual games properly ... i dont see how they got any business lecturing .

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their list was in parts quite acurate . Except he forgot to add his own site in the mix .

I also feel that IGN and gamespot are quite awful review sites , the worst even .
But the sad thing is everyone and their grandmothers are putting up blog sites with reviews now ... not to mention rumors ...
And those are obviously worse than professional websites .

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Infinty wards ran two simultanate dev teams . And they still had a few hurdles with ps3 dev even if they overcame it .

They are saying they wont spare manpower to such endeavour , and its a business sound decision .

Its falls down to clients to boycott crappy ea ps3 ports , so EA decides to either get a good team , ask valve to port it themselves , or simply give up doing those games on ps3

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Again they would spit at anything that would pose such challenge compared to developping on pc . I doubt they love MS that much , nor loathe Sony . IF the situation was reversed , with PS3 the mini pc running with directx , and 360 the powerful but cumbersome and pc unfriendly machine , they would be porting their game on ps3

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Once ps3 will be something to not miss , they will . Right now Valve developing their games on ps3 is far from a sure win . Sony and other devs got concurrent titles that could easily crush them in sales .
Its the same on 360 with microsoft fps , but again they got little work to do with 360 ports , so its an easy gamble .

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No i doubt valve is prejudiced against sony . They are against anything different from pc developpement period . And thats a shame its not as if was necessarily and always the pinnacle .

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Vavle is being lazy , in the good sense of the term , if there is any .
Fanboys from both sides got little to rave about , Valve ports its game on 360 , because the dev is similar to the point its not even a port anymore , but just a matter of integrating XBL into the game instead of steam .

Porting on ps3 , while i wish it would happens , , would mean developing a whole new game , or running two teams from the start .
The idiots in the story are EA , who cant get a g...

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LOl the comment about Activision owning 3 successfull franchises was funny .
Problem is at least Activision got those 3 good franchises ... what can Ea show us ? the same 3 crappy sports rehashes keeping them alive , and a bunch of dead studios and broken franchises ...

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Well i found Lost odyssey and Blue dragon quite crappy and uninspired .
The lack of inspiration and originality , and the blandness of it all , i could forgive in Enchanted arms and Eternal Sonata , overall far less hyped and with a relatively small budget and goal ... but from such high profiled and hyped titles to be that lame ? No dice!

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As a jrpg fans primarily , i keep playing the only (currently alive of course) console worth for it , the PS2 .

In this era of next gen wars and fanboys fighting over who crashes less on gta4 , even new and futures jrpgs such as persona 4 and mana khemia will be regarded as dated , even outdated , but i dont care .

When it comes to JRPG , next gen is currently crap and only promises .
Promises that the wiimote wont be a distraction to possible flaws in Tales of...

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isnt the issue when you play single player ? Hence the log out thing

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is there even a news approval system anymore ?
OR is gta turning everyone stupid ?

Used to be there would be an actual news , story , even rumor required to be posted here ... but now it seems that anything with the name of a few games get approved .

Guess i'll wait for further useless and already covered things , and for the news about a gta cake ...

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Stop spreading lies about france and other countries not having numbers , just for the sake of bashing the (indeed crappy) vgcharts numbers ...

WE HAVE THOSE too damnit ... find another way to wage your obsessional war ...

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the next gta is unlikely to get out on 360 . FOr reasons quite simple , this time around rockstar dealt with the lack of hdd standard and the use of dvds , but as they specified they will only increase the size of their games . Next gta will be then on ps3 AND/OR next xbox (might as well include ps4 , and maybe future nintendo console)

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i like the new style but not really the graphics . I'm picky when it comes to cell shading , and what i really dislike with those kind of games , is that trend of just rendering a game like usual then pasting a cellshading filter and magic marker .

Want a cartoon , comics or anime feel ? Then do it like the ps2 naruto , the upcoming ps3 naruto and a few games ... do it properly .. do more than drawing a big black line around the characters and backgrounds , and more than a crapp...

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except france and a few other country got valid numbers .

Anyway that a good performance for both consoles . Once more if those numbers ends up being good and close , ps3 really held its ground . people were prophetizing far more than 60% sales for 360 with an higher base in usa .

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sorry but those COD4 are as much of a rip-off , especially at such price .
They worked month for those ? So did blizzard for starcraft maps , wc3 maps , so did anyone for most contents . The upside was there already for them , distributing free stuff to perpetuate a game's popularity online , and then decide others to buy a copy of the game .

Now it has gone to such level of idiocy , that a version of a game is deemed superior , because they allow you to pay for extras...

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