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It does look great , and i didnt regret my time with Destiny . But i aint coming back at the current cost of Taken King ... not when i also have to play other games and consider another fps like Battlefront (sue me i love star wars and the game does look good)

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lot's of Ips they didn't use ( or released mediocre games for the past decade . Some ips they purchased and didnt even do a single thing with since acquisition

There is a good reason you could only name PES from the top of your head . They aint doomed , and can quite obviously go through a radical shift , and release quality games should they care to ...

But do they want to ?

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Launch day still had plenty deals and pack with multiple pads or games . And i don't think anyone got illusions that it wouldnt go cheaper over time .

I just remember prices being temproarily jacked up in europe by vultures during the shortage .

Never regretted getting it at launch . Even during the so called period "with no games" , people could argue whatever they want , but playing versions of games that would run worse on ps3 , such as FF14...

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"just more of the kind of thing that's come before. It's not really what I hoped for from an expansion. "

I'm not sure he gets what's an expansion . Not every game has so severe flaws to fix that their expansion will feel like an actual sequel and a different game , like Taken King .

Most expansions just provide what is required , more content and a sizeable amount of it .

And we always knew this one would be short...

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You'd think by now that people would be fed up by that instability crap . Especially when even playing offline requires a constant flux for the stats and rosters .

Not purchasing a single Fifa till they at least sort this out , once and for all

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Not everyone is saying that the serie can't live on without him , but it will require some tremendeous creators and work . This is the part many are skeptical about when it comes to current Konami .

Most of those series didnt see the run of their creator or big name director just end because of a massive fight and split (Well sakaguchi was indeed fired after the SPitirs Within ...) , and ALL of those series had people in place that helped the big names in the shadows , le...

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Oh yeah , just keep waiting forever for price cuts each fall.

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and who says it doesnt live up to the hype , without calling it perfection , for more people ? As a rule of thumb , every major game is always called overrated or crap by a few grumpy folks around here ... while the silent majority is playing or doesnt feel like fighting about them

As an anecdote , while it doesnt prove much , and while he was mostly just a supervisor on the first game ... have you seen the massive gap and difference of quality between Lord of Shadows 1 &...

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It's not either "a deal" or "pure love for MS" and as mutually exclusive things ...

Things just obviously just feel into the right places . They have a good relationship with MS and usually prefer their hardware . Nothing wrong with that

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I expected better considering the funds it received , and the successive other campaigns for either a spin off game or derivative products like an anime .

I's a pass for me , with upcoming title in other genre , and it not wowing me in any way

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It's the kind of game that are made or broken by the people you play with , wich is why it was always nice to have a good sp to fall back to when teammates sucks or don't understand the game .

Oh well moving on to other things

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Except they arent going to build an extra receiver for third party stuff themselves , and especially for companies that can definitively just build the driver for the new consoles but yet won't .

The xbox one accessories , they had to , for their own legacy accessories , just like it had to happen with a few 360 pad and headsets .

Just keep petitioning IONaudio , like a few hundred already did . Or keep hoping that some studio keep upon itself to do that...

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Yeah but you can redo every missions , including this one and change stuff you didnt like , like the avatar . So it might not be truly needed

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Yup immediately realised i was being aggressive for little reasons and edited

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Well that's not at all the same , considering KH was vastly reworked , not just upscaled to HD . They aint going to do any of that for plenty titles .

It's in their economical interest to just keep releasing most ps2 titles as ps classics and let your tv do the (blurry) rest on ps3 or ps4 ... Again they just simply add HD for collections or only rework the biggest stuff

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They're claiming that IONs wont be supported at launch, but they could be in the future . But imo it's saying-without-saying that they aint going to solve the issue with their Madcatz partnership .

Harmonix are literally saying to ask and petition ION for drivers and support if people wish to get the Drum Rocker to be supported on Rock Band 4 .
To be fair this probably isn't Harmonix's call , the ion being 3rd party product and all , so their aren&#...

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I don't understand those articles . It basically hinges on the idea that the Number next to the title is a scarecrow , WHILE hoping the serie get back to what works ...

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Even then those direct were vastly different in gameplay and content . At best it was tying up a story's hemorraghic looses ends , and a placebo for the delay of Versus .

Besides were are clearly back to a changeing franchise , even within the story ... at least until we know for sure that FFXV direct sequels will follow and block FFXVI

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"That doesnt negate my arguement at all. DLC is a different animal in most cases born out of greed or just short dev time....either way DLC isnt a isolated problem only for MP games anyway -so I dont see your point at all. "

" Its like saying Titanfall would have been a better game with a SP campaign"

That's not even what i'm arguing about and saying .
You suggested that " the MP of those games could have been bigger/b...

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