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Not really surprising , they are basically in between game releases .

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well it's not as if Tudyk wasnt clear from the beginning . A colleague involved with the game , is just pointing out that there is no story there

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Assassin's Creed has been a prime example of what's wrong with reviews since it's very first game . You know when some of the big press of the time , collectively decided that the game was average and repetitive .... after spending 2 years of hyping and promoting the game at every turn .

And no it wasnt just cases of different folks previewing the game being at odd with reviewers . Some were one and the same , and saw precisely the game's issues and decided ...

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Never thought he did . He's been rather clear , he came onboard because of a specific game creator , she is gone , he moved on

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Nope ... if a game got such an obviously bad component , yet is great , then an honest reviewer will reflect that in the score . The nuance should be in the review text , explaining why it's still a great title , and why points were docked , not in faking scores that dont fit the rest of a review .

This , and being always so concerned with taking the side of all publishers all the time no matter what , easily explain why gaming journalism is a ...

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That still wouldnt make sense to me , considering all the other entries that got the mp right AND the story right .

Let's call them for what they are charlatans , end of story . There are franchise too big for them , and "journalists" to crap upon , even if they do flex the muscle occasionally , to appears legit , or for other reasons of their own , on deservingly and underserving titles .

Thing is , i don't even think that he's in the...

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Nah i'd probably get tomb raider instead as well . Plenty of time to play Fallout afterward

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Fallout 3 did 4.7 millions in three months . i'm not worried about either games , but the reboot definitively wasnt bigger than Fallout 3 . Especially with 3 vs 5 platforms , and a bigger console base in 2013 vs 2008 .

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I take it you don't know who created Guitar Hero in the first place ? Harmonix.

Harmonix also added features and instruments to the formula when they left and created Rock Band . Who copied them , even if it's fair and their right ? Activision and the newer studios . It's the first time Activision truly did something new with Guitar Hero post harmonix . And while i don't like it , i'm glad they did , and that there are two different flavors for everyone t...

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"Keep in mind Tomb Raider reboot did bigger numbers than Fallout 3. "

Uh ? Fallout 3 sold at least close to 10 millions with 4.7 millions from its october 2008 release to the end of 2008 .

The Tomb Raider reboot while successful doesnt touch fallout 3 in sales , be it at releases , during a year , or over time

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Of course it's not the new standard . it just is finally a different take and path than the harmonix GH and rockband . Abut time they did their own unique thing

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why those things are better in thematic packs , when available , and if of course you like the other songs features in each pack .

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That's like claiming that Star Citizen will loses out and is useless because its taking to long and Elite will be out by then . Most of those games got different focus , artstyle , gameplay , in short are jut different and will just appeal to their own public .

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Uh ? doesnt the game have more to do with Elite or stuff like EVE , than No Man's Sky ?

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And now complaints about the spoiler are reported as off topic ? Ah hilarious !!

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Well it's metro , they barely know how to report news , let alone review a game .

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And since when do people with guides spoil a plot point in such a cavalier fashion , especially launch week ?

You could have used some other title like "AC Syndicate unlockable and secrets" ... but instead you decided to be a spoilsports for hits

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People dislike unity as a whole because it was a broken game with a boring story ... not because the fighting was harder . And it's not as if it was even harder than playing the Batman game and those cloning its already easy fighting mechanics ... far from it

Also unless i missed something i don't hear him say he's done with the serie . Many are still fan but want improvements

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It doesnt need a reboot . It need them to refocus for a few years yah , and fix what's wrong or missing .

Like finding a proper hero , story and purpose to the modern days parts . no more stalling with pointless modern day fps at some pseudo game developer , when you've got a plot point hanging since AC3 ...

And i'd say that the serie need to go back in time not forward . Firearms are just boring in the game and detrimental , go medieval again int...

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Actually many of those issues are from content publishers that don't wanna lose massive margins when they can still decrase prices every now and then . taxes and the rate of euros and other currencies only partially explain some of the costs

And considering the stand alone digital version of Taken King is still in the store , but can't be sold .

And in light of everything know they've already removed and tweaked to sell as comet then in the end a...

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