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It's great, but I wish I hadn't platinumed it in the first week. It would be nice if they announced some DLC, even something for gear grinding, similar to what's already available, but just decked out with more gear, harder bosses, etc. Idk. I just want more.

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They better be researching how to make good games again.

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Yeah, I suppose you're right. Them doing "young Nate" would only make sense if they were more like periodic flashbacks in ^this^ type of film. Not a standalone young Nate film.

Fillion is a little past his prime, sure, but they could just play that into the story. Nate's a bit older now, but some big treasure hunt has come up again. It could work with the right writing, casting, and funds. And with Fillion it woul...

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No, the prequel could work, but this one would work also. I do share concerns for the casting of Tom Holland, though, as he doesn't seem young enough to be "Young Nate"...

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They finally made a game worthy of the Final Fantasy name (first time in at least 15 years) and then Square acts surprised that we were all interested, leading it to sell out across the world lol. It's sad to see Square so baffled as to what their consumer base wants. Hopefully our reaction to this game shows them that turn-based combat needs to return.

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It's sad. Nintendo really is something special, but a lot of people can't get past their art style. So they'll instead play the same ol' gritty dude-bro shooters that slowly drop their IQ year after year. (which is sad because it clearly wasn't very high to begin with).

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You "hate" Smash? The hell is wrong with you? I'm not a big Pokemon fan myself, but Smash is just fun. Maybe you don't have a lot of friends? It's more fun with friends.

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Good thing Octopath Traveler is fantastic and can't be found on any other console.

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Uh-oh bondsmx, that means you like RPGs now. Better go back and play all the ones you blindly passed up due to stubbornness.

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It was rough when I was new and sucked at the game. Once I got better at the game, I liked it more. Maybe try that?

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You didn't like the story? Hm, that's strange, the story's the best part. Also, The Witcher 3 has rightfully earned its spot as one of the truest pinnacles of gaming, one of the best games ever made. So maybe you just don't like games?

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I felt the same way, and it took me numerous attempts to finally sit down and get through it. Finally got the platinum though! That Death March...

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Hey if the idiots are buying it......

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No, I listened to the awful story until I couldn't take it anymore (about 20 hours in). It's extremely boring, nothing exciting happens and they drone on with very little emotion and drag out every single line of text as far as they can. It's terrible. The only cutscenes I don't skip are the ones that involve the villain, as these are the only ones that are even remotely interesting. This all coming from a huge Level-5 fan, since the original Dark...

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Yes, but the story sucks. Just skip all the cutscenes. TRUST ME. Story is boring AF, but the game is fun.

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Probably RE3. They'd be smart to re-tread the story, make it more engaging and lose their way a little less. Focus more on the horror, less on the co-op shooter stuff (RE5 was OK at best). It's nice to see them try to figure out what went wrong with the series and how they should fix it.

I wish Konami would do that for Silent Hill, Castlevania, and Suikoden. But that's a conversation for a different day.

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Opinions. Start with who you want, that's the point.

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Wow, there are a lot of noobs on N4G. The platinum was too easy to get, everyone I know has it.

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