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the thing about Forza is, how "floaty" the driving feels! there is almost no weight to the cars like they are hovering. and very minimal sense of contact with the surface of the roads. I don't like it. Played Forza 6 Apex and Horizon 3 both on PC and I just can't get into them as the drive feels off! and before you guys flip over my comment, I am using the G29 and no, there is nothing wrong with it! Dirt 3 on PC feels good, Dirt Rally on PS4 feels great, and most importantl...

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that's...CoD and Mario numbers...not that many games could reach that.

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"A free game, retro but now with online play, every month (like XBL/PSN)"

Which will expire when the month ends and not yours to keep eventhough you keep your subscription. So...NO! It's not like XBL/PSN

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-1 is 3 quick math?

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I tried ordering it from my local store a month ago. They still can't get any 😫

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Here are the ONLY games you should pick up. fixed

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like there was any doubt!

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"...since it fails to move the superhero video game genre forward in any important way."

WTF? I Swear Sony's exclusives are almost always graded upon standards several notchea higher than the competitor's. It's not enough that in their opinion that this is a great game and the best Spider-man game ever made, it has to shoulder the genre forward on its back?

BotW - great Zelda game, 10!
Mario Odyssey - great Mario game, 10! ...

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"The day they charge for PC multiplayer, we riot..."

LOL they already did that and the riot already happened. PC gamers boycotted it and they had to make it free as it is now.

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while other Switch games don't even make a blip on the chart anymore. a new MH game and it debuted only 9th and will be further down the chart next week. no wonder 3rd parties aren't very excited to release their AAA game on the thing. the efforts it takes just to make it run on that potato of a console is not gonna be properly rewarded with sales by the Mario-minded Nintendo gamers.

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yeap, sadly PES does have better gameplay than FIFA which I feel gets worst especially since they started using Frostbite Engine. but it just won't sell like FIFA does. I guess you're right, football game fans care more about licenses than gameplay

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c'mon. almost every publisher and dev are doing this. I am all for everything included in the game and no DLC (or FREE) but there is no shortage of villains already confirmed for the game and if the movies have thought us one thing, never crammed too many villains in a single entry because the plot will get convoluted and suffer. it's not like we are gonna fight just 1 main villain in this game. they have a story to tell here within the game and decided that Black Cat is not gonna be ...

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according to Nintendo fans, this number is mediocre because the attach rate is terrible

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waiting for Nintendo, they will probably release Odyssey in 4K remaster in 2 gen time and for full price too

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Nice try! PS4 has the largest player pool in every single MP game this gen. That's a fact. Even more than PC most of the time. You can check BFStats for all BF games since 4 for reference

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When have I ever said that I'm OK with paying PS+ for mp? I'm still sour to this day about that! But what are my choices? Thanks to MS, Sony followed suit with charging for mp.

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Considering there are less than 40mil PS+ members out there, I think there are quite a lot of them

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F2P games like Fortnite require Gold membership on the xbone but PS+ is not required on PS4. MS decided you have to pay for a F2P is a good move too, ha? TROLL!

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English speaking is 1st class and the others are lower class? Yeah...hopefully PSN is not full of racist prick like you!

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