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you mean like FIFA? the one which Switch took a whopping 1% from the total sales in the UK?


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it's an easy platinum but I don't mind because it's an amazing game and it doesn't force you to grind for the Platinum like most other games. you can play the game how you want and the Platinum is still yours.

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should have include UC4 + TLL together. both are equally amazing.

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PS4 version selling the most is a given this gen. but this for the physical version, right? even just a guesstimate, PC version wouldn't have sold THAT much because most of PC sales nowadays are digital.

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This is kinda unexpected especially in the year when Champions League and Europa League are back into FIFA. and why would anybody would want to buy FIFA digitally? it's an annual game, keeping it forever in your account is redundant IMO.

Spider-man is killing it. and it's still outselling SotTR too. considering it got a 42% drop in its 2nd week where it still outsold SotTR at launch, I think it's safe to assume SotTR didn't sell very well.

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I'm looking forward to the fake outrage over this same sex relationship issue as what we've seen with TLoU2. or...maybe we won't because it's a multiplat

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what's wrong with NINTENDO these days...


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what mistake though? I thought they are being pretty clear that they want to control every purchase you make. for example, eventhough they allow you to install your game to your 2nd console, you can only play that content if you're logged in and 2nd console can't play that same purchased game if the main console is playing it too. and isn't DLC already being restricted for the non-primary consoles too?

this doesn't surprise me even a bit

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too similar to Too Human last gen IMO

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not every new game worth spending $60 for and nobody buys every single game...except maybe Hakoom

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only Fortnite so far but still I don't see any other big publishers doing this.

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it's official, Bethesda is ANTI-CONSUMER!

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you're the definition of chronic xbone troll!

what do you mean by "head in the sand"? I think it's yours that's actually buried too deep inside MS's bum to see that sales of PS exclusive have gone through the roof this year. so far only FC5 is selling more than GoW and Spider-man but that is about to change fast! PS4 gamers even buy more SotTR than xboners even with Spider-man around. Detroit has also sold a decent amount...

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what? I thought those are pretty common terms on here. Fallout 4, Xbox Live Gold, Free to Play

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First Bugthesda and now Psyonix too? I thought this is such a huge feature requested by "GAMERS". Why are you guys backing out now instead of jumping in like you said you would but Sony didn't let you back then? Now it's "Not planned"? So why the fvck were you guys telling us Sony didn't cooperate back then?

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EA and 2K won't like THAT because they obviously want you to buy the new one

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And Xboners and the media were up in arms bringing pitchforks and torches claiming Sony is evil! See whose the big fat phony now? They flipped over when people accused Bugthesda as doing the bidding for MS over crossplay. We were right all along

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Xboner are out of bullets now. See how they crawl back under their bridges and say nothing about this and will do nothing about MS requiring XBLG for F2P games such as Fortnite

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the only mods allowed at the moment is for FO4. but hey, xbox crowd are the loudest barking for features, right? as proven by the cross-play thing. why don't they try barking at MS to allow mods for all games next? of course after they've succeeded in forcing MS to not require XBLG for F2P games.

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holy mother of INSTALL! have mercy on our storage

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