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Yeah, totally forgot about RDR2. Being consoles only and the PS4 has marketing rights, That alone means tens of thousands of sales already!

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This is terrible! "Sharing" my ass! It just allows you to download your content to another unit but never allow both to play together just like a physical copy! WTF Nintendo?

And your non-primary unit is pretty much locked out of all the contents you bought if there is no internet. Again...WTF Nintendo??

Sony initially allowed 5 shared consoles when they first launched the PS3, that's 5 consoles playing the same copy of a game simultaneously...

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The PS4 had a substantial lead over the Switch this year already thanks to stellar lineup and with the last (somewhat) big release being Detroit, which was in the end of May, the Switch finally has a fighting chance. But the PS4 will widen the gap again next month thanks to Spider-man but I think Pokemon and Smash would help the Switch gains lots of units. CoD will definitely help moving some more PS4s but still, I doubt Sony would just sit still and let Nintendo runs the show during the holi...

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Leader ha? I wonder why they are so far behind in online service offering

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it's not hard to be a better game than GTAV, but outselling it? it's a pretty tall, I mean really really TALL order.

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OMG...this is real?? official from Sony?? when I first see this news, I thought some cheapfvck from China is making the replica with Raspberry Pi and selling it with the PS1 case. LOL

I don't know why Sony feels they should do this because this obviously mimics the NES and SNES mini but at the same time, it looks like there are huge demands for these mini consoles. the gaming market is in a weird place right now, so who knows.

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for the type of service they are providing right now, they should offer it as optional like PS+ on PS3 and Vita last gen. online MP and chat are free but if you want extra like the cloud save and NES (SNES?) games, you gotta pay. making it mandatory in its current form is literally CRIMINAL!

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Cloud save offered with PS+ is an "option" to backup your saves as you can always backup your saves for as many times as you want if you have a flash drive or USB HDD connected to the PS4 without the need for any subscription. while on the Switch, they are taking ransom over your saves data because they don't allow offline backup to your own SD card. the only way you can backup your saves is by paying and THAT is not an "option", more like...

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5 years already since then? damn...I still remember during the reveal that I was screaming "FINALLY!" but 5 years later...

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I heard they no longer call it as UE4. they are calling it the Fortnite engine now

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in this case, you don't get what you pay for

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yeah, but if you look at this game, the amount of work, details, backstory, easter eggs, villains etc. they are so many and that's just Spider-man alone! and that's why the game feels so amazing too but imagine if they have to put every Avengers there...the amount of contents mentioned above might not be as many to cover all characters and the characters (and the game) might end up feeling shallow.

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The Marvel (MCU?) logo in the beginning and Stan Lee's cameo would have given the idea that it will follow the movies pattern. I'm currently 82% of the game as I plan to finish all the side missions, challenges, collectables and 100% district before finishing the story and man...I just can't put the game down! since release, it's the only game I've been playing

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Just $20 for a year, folks.

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LOL it will still be the same. Maybe if they jnclude PC numbers, then it might be close. But Spider-man is still UK's fastest selling game this year, so it will be tough for TR

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This is a scam! It even makes Star Citizen looks good

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More misery for SotTR

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SotTR has no business releasing during this time of the year! Didn't they learn anything from last time? It just doesn't have the selling power worthy of the "September onwards release" period. I'm sure it's a great game, but why would they want to kill its potential sales by releasing it next to megahitters? Even Uncharted 4 was released in Q1 (or was it Q2?) while being arguably the bigger appeal and better selling franchise than TR.

The game is ...

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MS put F2P games behind paywall. While at Nintendo, "hold my sake (drink)...let's put a 30yo controller behind a paywall!"

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lamb? hmmm...delicious!

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