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You're exactly the type of customer Ubi is targeting with this booster MT. I guess with the mandatory side quest grind, it's safe to assume that there will be no speedrun for this game

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"Absolutely fantastic"? This has got to be a satire article, right?

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LOL you're missing the mark by several million there. Nintendo didn't move 20mil Switch in the first year. and I doubt it this year too.

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I think he was dissing MS by saying he spent the least money possible for "SUCH" game

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it's like a quarterly thing for Phil to have a vacation in Japan this gen. I think it's included in his job description or something.

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for all we know, he just loves Japan and all these times he was only there for vacations. this news sounds like a recycled one already this gen but nothing much has come out from it.

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LOL. just because they have "Ninja" in their name, doesn't mean they are from Japan

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how many times have we heard about this since the start of this gen?

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you can't praise and diss MS in the same sentence here! you need to praise all or diss all. no middle ground BS.

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they are MS lapdog

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but alcohol can cause stutter in real life

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when it comes to Bethesda, those are not bugs or anything, just another feature!

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modders have proven that a full-fledged MP is doable with a SP game like FO4. just look at JC2 and JC3. both open world SP games but modders made MP mode for both for FREE! I don't think this FO76 is anything different but they are charging for it. a scumbag move

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considering standalone network enabled BD players were all around $1000 mark when the PS3 launched, the 60GB was a steal. sure it was a bit much for a game console but for everything that it has to offer, nothing else comes close back then.

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why do they need to lock progress in the SP CAMPAIGN until you've reached a certain level by forcing you to do "SIDE QUESTS" though? aren't side quests something that should be OPTIONAL? if it's required, then, it's no longer optional. the only reason they are doing this is because they have the $10 booster on sale. that's pretty sneaky of them and this is people calling them out. the Witcher 3 has lots of grinds to level up but they are truly optional and not re...

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$40? wow glad I waited

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@lollord @King_Noctis

"NO ONE"?? really?

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not a failure, ha? so...why did xbox fanboys mostly considered the PS3 as a failure?

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you mean like FIFA? the one which Switch took a whopping 1% from the total sales in the UK?


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