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Looks like they are quite behind their sales projection. the 20mil target is a big one but they lack the software support to make that happen this year. there's barely any high profile release on the system so far this year. huge AAA 3rd parties are skipping the Switch left and right and Nintendo has to rely on their own IPs from now on. THAT didn't work out too well for the Wii U but we shall see. Smash will undeniably sell well but it's up against big name IPs releasing around t...

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I'd say, it's their money, let them enjoy it how they want. but that is some serious amount of cash for F2P game. no wonder console game devs and publishers are drooling over the prospect of unlimited stream of cash through MT.

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yeah...those 360s burning houses back then were a terrifying Chinese made product!

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what? next year?

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man...I still can't get it off my memories on how terrible JC3 was compared to JC2. JC2 was cheesy but very enjoyable but JC3 was just BAD in every way! add on top of it the long install time on PS4, terrible loading times, glitches, freezing did that game even passed QC??

and how can a game be so open but yet so shallow at the same time?? another thing that really bugs me A LOT was the ocean! so freakin HUGE but there's NOTHING in it! not even a single co...

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since when was MH World a PS4 exclusive?

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considering MS is one of the richest company on earth, have they won a generation yet? they are even stingy in spending those money to make games. I'd say, if they are that stingy to make games, why not use all those money to buy your own consoles and pad the number up so that it won't look too embarrassing compared to the PS4.

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I'm a sucker for LEGO games on all platforms. name it and I'm pretty sure I have it. the only games I don't have left are the LoTR and Hobbit ones because I'm not a fan of that franchise.

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my family and I were close to giving up on the game last year. we were mostly playing on our own but didn't have the best of pokedex entry due to not knowing where to get most of them. and that was when we discovered the trackers and with it, came the local community behind it and we were active again and this time with friends. thanks to the trackers, we were happily Pokemon hunting whenever we had free times and it was fun and the addition of feature like raids, daily missions and the r...

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both the original Xbox and GC sold 20-25 million each and they were presumed dead long before they were discontinued

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I almost wanna buy LEGO Incredibles because my kids enjoy LEGO games but I haven't brought them to the movies yet to watch the movie for them to even appreciate the franchise enough for them to care to even play the game. so...maybe later

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LGBTQ? oh...there's a "Q" now, ha? I didn't know

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" the name of inclusiveness as they say, we fight women and people of color in Nazi uniforms. We need equal representation right?"

if you're confident you can code and come up with that kind of games, be our guess. why not, right? nobody is stopping you. it will be YOUR game and it's up to you how you wanna represent it. OR...if you're incapable of doing so yourself, go pitch your "brilliant" idea to any capa...

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"How many of those actually keep playing it tho?"

you do realize how dumb that question is when there is an article recently reporting that they just made $300mil a month, right?

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if it has a great campaign with meaty contents, I couldn't care less if they want to milk the online portion to their liking. I barely played GTAV online and I still feel it was money well spent with the SP contents alone. if RDR2 will be the same, I say, let them!

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yeah like how xbox fanboys are using cross-play issue to divert the fact that they need to have XBL Gold to play a F2P game

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Windows Defender? LOL! I wouldn't trust Windows Defender protecting anything let alone stopping virus! there are many free antivirus alternatives out there, Avast AVG, Avira and so on, never rely on only Windows Defender LOL!

and pre-built PCs are expensive, over-priced and almost always built not to your liking. if you're gonna waste money buying a PC not to your liking anyway, better buy a console because they are cheaper. to have a PC t...

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the general idea of GAAS is good but you see, it's only when F2P games which are fun and functional are doing it that it will work. the problems arise when games we have to buy join in into it as well. GASS with $60 game is disgusting.

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it's the xbox DNA. did you forget how big the original xbox and launch xbone were?

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