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That's it? Seriously, what's fun about mindlessly shooting your way against hordes of enemies in a corridor like this?

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RDR2 is not gonna be on Switch. what are you talking about?

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if you love old school FPS with no regen health, a good story and a very atmospheric settings, you'll love Resistance Fall of Man and there was also the first-on-console 40-player MP. Story and gameplay for Resistance2 was a bit generic and they removed the weapon wheel from RFoM, but the 8-player online co-op was a blast and unmatched to this day and there was also the all-new 60-player MP. and if you love Half-Life 2, you'll love Resistance 3! the SP was amazing, the weapon wheel is...

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LOL this explanation is kinda desperate and more prominently...dumb!

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it would be pretty crazy if that record getting broken twice in a single year. I wouldn't mind though and I think Sony wouldn't mind too

73d ago 11 agree0 disagreeView comment men the story for Nintendo games? Of course they are rubbish! Heros save princess in every Mario and Zelda games. So boring!

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Nintendo gamers begging for remasters like never before. It's bad enough that they are almost always begging for the same IPs, now they are begging for the same games so Nintendo can screw them over with full priced remasters. Bravo

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NO BUY! and I urge my fellow gamers to do the same

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Buy it used for the 1st game alone? Or are you forgetting something??

You do know you still have to download the other 2 games with used copies and possibly have to pay extra as codes will be useless by then, right?

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yup resistance trilogy on the PS4 will be lit! but knowing Sony, doing the trilogy while skipping the MP portion will be a thing like they did with the Uncharted collection. Resistance without MP is pretty meh...

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I still think R&C A Crack in Time is their best game yet. but hellz yeah.....come on Spiderman!!

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just like the HDR update for the PS4, the PS3 supporting bluray and was able to do stereoscopic 3D with just an update were proof of future-proofing too.

back on topic. for now, I hope the PS5 is BC with PS4 games at least! for the whole time the PS4 was out since launch, I was enrolled for my PhD study and I've had the least amount of gaming since I got the PS2. my backlog is shameful to watch as a gamer. my Gravity Rush 2 and Uncharted T...

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here is the recent scoop from the June's NPD article. best selling games on respective platforms in June:

#Nintendo Switch (physical only)
1. Mario Tennis Aces
2. Mario Kart 8
3. Super Mario Odyssey
4. The Legend of Zelda: Breath of ...

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it's not hard for MS to double their dismal display from last year. last year was like their worst year because people were anticipating the X which they announced too early (IMO). proof is, even at double their last year's number, they are still behind, which means their last year's number was not THAT good to begin with.

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oh...come on be real, dude! there is no game currently coming with native 4K assets on the disc! you think this remake is gonna be the first??

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WTF is this shit?? this is not even the Switch with its shitty 16GB cartridges we're talking about, it's the PS4 and Xbone using bluray! not putting all 3 games on 1 bluray is BS! F you Activision and your greediness! They were able to put all 3 games for Crash at launch when it was timed for the PS4 but now Spyro is a multiplat day 1 and suddenly only 1 game comes on the disc?? greedy bastards! NO BUY!

I really hope they don't find success like Crash with Spyro...

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Switch over the PS4? so I could buy the same 3rd party games with inferior settings but at a higher price? or have to wait for those games delayed releases? or might not be able to buy them at all because they don't come out on the Switch?? just so I can play them on the go? not a trade-off I'm willing to make IMO

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the Switch's sales is slowing down. gotta keep approving articles on why you should buy it LOL

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and I have hundreds of games on my PS4. but that doesn't make it a reason for anyone else to prefer the PS4 over the Switch like I do or the other way around like you do.

79d ago 28 agree6 disagreeView comment has been 15 months and it still below 20mil. maybe they already exceeded 20 mil NOW, but it's far from your exaggerated "20 million in a year" celebration

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