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freaking trolls , go play your ps4's . you gotta see every x1 thread, they are trolling away, i guess they truly have nothing to play, what a pathetic bunch of losers they are, tryuly a bunch of low lifes. i knew this would happen, the ps4 is already boring for them, so back to trolling x1 articles.

(below)Dear lukas, so that changes antyihng?, your all still losers patroling x1 articles to troll, doesnt change the fact your a bunch of low life pathetic losers. and you a...

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then dont buy it and go play your ps4, why is it in every article there is sony trolls in them all day, dont you guys have a ps4 to play, seriously . you guys are the worst pathetic bunch of losers that ever existed, i checked every xbox article and its nothing but sony troll after another, go play your precious ps4 if its so dam great. just wait and wait and maybe you guys will get some games eventually to keep you all busy, but just like last gen, more people spent time on n4g ripping the 3...

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why are you guys here, why arent you guys off playing with the ps4, no games,dead systems, thats why

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china is having issues with japan over islands so its very likely that and foxcomm not treating them well

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the news just gets worse and worse,

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now you guys cant deny it any further but excuses will still be made

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exactly im getting fed up with the excuses dev's use, dont release the game until its ready

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i was here when the 360 started to have issues and trust me, after the first 10 proven issues all of the sdf were pushing to call it the rrod fiasco, its so nice to see sdf defend this and the crappy launch lineup. there is like 40 videos on youtube now for ps4 with issues and even sonys forum is filled with issues but this is n4g and everything is just rosy

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then you shouldn't use thaT GAME FOR A LAUNCH EXCLUSIVE, they should had better games for launch , at least one system seller

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no one is making this huge, ea put a note that it is in fact causing a issue, no sugar coating that, mine is sitting right here and i wont use it until a new patch is ready

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1080p does not make a game better and thats total nonsence. this isnt an attack on them but its bull. fps is more immportant then 1080p as 1080p has no effect to the game in any way. a good game defines a good game, not the amount of pixels on screen and thats something i think we can all agree on

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its the best decision ms ever made and next week will prove that, better to get a full system with all the goodies, bells and whistles then a ps4 with one that shouldve been included but was removed to please fans at a lower pricepoint. we want more features, more of everything and thats what the x1 is. 7 days to glory

skoory, waking up and crossing the street is a risk, 28mil kinects sold and that wasnt even fully functioning, this time it actually works and does so much, o...

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yea, cause oyu own it and played it. good going troll boy, go fix your wobbling broken ps4 while you play knack

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greatness awaits

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wowow, now reviews dont count or matter, niceee,, you guys are amazing. whats next , having no games doesnt matter either, you can imagine its playing a game, let me guess the fact that is sits uneven while flat because of the missing 4th leg, thats ok too cause its meant to be stood upright??? right guys.??

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harsh, are you kidding me, if the games stinkl they stink,. plain and simple, your such a troll just by saying what you said

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wow didnt know you played the final release of it

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thats good news, i always stressed how important remote play is and im glad killzone runs smoothly

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its not widespread and while a little concenring,, could be a few in that early batch that had issues, if the numbers are high then sony will take care of it

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