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The best kind of DLC, where the content is already on the disk and the 2.7MB DL per character is just a key. I can justify other types of DLC but this is inexcusable and doesn't fall under the "it wasn't made before the game was finished" excuse.

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I used to hate DLC like everyone else but then you have to realize something. Games today cost nearly the same as they did twenty years ago, so if you do the math, the cost of a game today adjusted for inflation comes out to around $36 in 1993.

Considering that games also cost significantly more to produce than they did twenty years ago, DLC is a practical way of making up for the lost revenue by not raising prices with the rate of inflation. Had they just included everything...

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Lag is just one of the many complaints but most people are really just tired of playing MW4.x and being sold the same product yearly with little to no change in gameplay other than maps, textures, and a few small tweaks (change of perks, guns, etc).

Consider that this game nets the highest revenue of any game out there yet probably has the lowest budget for development as evident by how much the game progresses from each previous title, it's a literal slap in the face to ...

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Wow that's some terrible hit box detection at 6:43, crosshair is like a foot or two away from the target and it still gets marked as a hit.

While some may say "it's beta, they're working on it", i doubt that especially since CoD's hit box has always been garbage for years now.

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Knew this was going to happen sooner or later, you don't just fire the founders of Infinity Ward (as well as losing half their staff afterwards) and expect the game to ever improve by the rehash masters at Treyarch.

After that fiasco with MW2 (Activision withholding the profits instead of honoring their contracts and paying them their well deserved bonus), I never expected much from them.

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Sounds like we can finally park cars on the street and not see them disappear anymore, unless you get a ticket and towed and even then you can still recover your ride at the impound lot. At least that's what I read based on the bad translation.

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Yippi Ki Yay %[email protected]#$%er

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This just in, a majority a carshow girls don't know jack about the cars. Guess we should curse them for being at an autoshow.

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If RRODs start happening again to early adopters like it did for the 360, it'll be the end for them. Even if the PS4 was $600 I'd still choose it because of reliability.

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hell yeah, battleship mode, teams fight it out on the beachhead for artillery to knock out the ships defenses. Then fly up or take a boat and assault the ship or hold artillery points until the ship is sunk.

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a fresh change from zombies ill admit

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Given the bad press about Zynga's ethics, he'll fit perfectly with them.

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I was looking forward to old Infinity Ward making a new FPS but after selling out to M$, they're no better than the new IW that replaced em.

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To put simply, cloud computing's data transfer speed is limited to a user's internet speed (1MB/s to 3MB/s on average for broadband). Just to show how minuscule that it, 8GB of DDR3-1333 RAM is capable of 10,600 MB/s.

In other words, cloud computing is useless for gaming unless it's being used for storage of data, anything that needs processing could be done faster on RAM than over the internet.

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You know it's going to be a bad game when fish A.I. and the use of anti-aliasing are touted features.

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Aiming with a mouse just feels more natural, it flows with the arm wherever you move it while consoles controls feel like aiming with a crane game arm.

However moving with a controller joystick always felt better than tapping the WASD keys.

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Wish there was a hardcore mode where breaking traffic laws results in a pursuit and a ticket if you pull over right away or drive off as they approach the window.

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You should be good, ordered mine the next day in the morning when it was still launch editions.

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Screw it, be that guy, had to learn somehow. Plus mature players understand if ya screw up, it's the 10 year olds that cry about it. Just don't keep crashing over and over on the same server.

or you can join a server with a large room with a few players so you don't have to worry about it.

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It won't be long before the only pre-orders left are those overpriced bundles with two of the least bought games and some useless third party accessory.

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