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@geekman my playstation wireless headset has *the ps symbol on it.. but i can use it on computer.

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How is that DRM? lol

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Holy shit.. i just dont even know? I hope you forgot the '/s' lol

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Majorly pissed. Lucky i waited to read a review. I know its just 1 review but this just piles up on the list of people that have said how short it is. Big MGS fan but no way. Definetly picking up Infamous SS and FFXhd instead. Fuck you Konami.

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Wasnt the video just being sped up through the map and the loading? Looked it

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$80 unlimited 10mbps (on a good day) for me :/ and ive seen people here complain that they ONLY have 50mbps... man id love to have that haha

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Cant believe i spent nearly 2 minutes watching someone trying to get plastic off a game.. lol

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This is a bit different though.. TF is player vs player only multiplayer. The Division has a campaign.. soo probably more content too .

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We tried in Australia.. finally got r18+. Though everything that was MA15+ (highest rating before r18) is pretty much just getting bumped up to r18+... and this still got censored! So nothing really changed :/

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Oh heeelll naw

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Well to play Spartan Ops on Halo 4 you need gold, even if its just playing split screen.

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I think i read its got cross save so you can go back and forth? Could be wrong though

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Is there any way to share the videos so it comes up in the 'whats new' section? Instead of Facebook? Share feature is indeed awesome.

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Finished it last night. Absolutely loved it, wish it didnt end :(

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Just smile and wave boys... just smile and wave

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He may have been talking about ***SPOILERS***................ ...........Joels daughter? That almost made me tear up!

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Its hilarious when you guys say that about Sony fanboys yet MS fanboys will defend them (ms)
to the death too. Everyone saying how bad Sony fanboys are, guaranteed if x1 was doing better than Ps4 the xbox fanboys would be going crazy. Just like* the start of last gen :) hypocrites.

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Im in Ausrtralia and we have terrible internet compared to America, im only getting 10mbps download, if it works ill be happy.. dont know why people complain about their speeds..ive seen some people here complain about 50mbps lol

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Wasnt there a rumor ages ago about these guys doing a third person Call of Duty? Or did that just turn into MW3?

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Because the story and characters were done so well, and i actually gave a shit about what was happening. It was intense and scary as hell. Havent felt like that since Dead Space. It was MY holy grail last gen. I agree it wasnt innovative but it most definetly stands out.

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