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Yes! Now all I need to see is my main return along with crossplay support!

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People should get over FOMO and wait for a better deal if the price bothers people that much

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They're easily the most consumer friendly brand this gen

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PSP was GOAT. probably my favorite handheld.

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True. The Vita marketing went from touting a console-like experience on handheld, to a remote play/companion device to your PS4, to an indie machine, to abandoned by Sony.

Sad really. The handheld is pretty impressive but its such a shame that Sony basically gave up on it.

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Just gotta ask, why does positive Xbox news get met with such skepticism and jokes in the comments while PlayStation news, positive or negative, gets positive opinions and benefit-of-the-doubt posts? Because in my opinion PlayStation has done things to make me just as doubtful of them in some areas (though I still remain hopeful for that brand to deliver as well when all is said is done)

Seems like the people who are most vocal on this site don't really care about healt...

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No. And what a ridiculous thing for the author of this article to even ask.

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Signed in to dislike

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"Maybe because I have a high end PC. How is next gen supposed to look?"

Yeah, so do I and many other people. Game still looked great

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Of course the game was going to have an easy mode. It's Star Wars and they are going to make sure it's something every Star Wars fan can play

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Tomb Raider isn't a better overall game imo but I think the gunplay and the combat options are better and more engaging than the Uncharted games.

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Even at the risk of spoilers, I now plan to wait until the PC version releases because tbh I have too many games I want to play as it is.

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I agree

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Gotta be honest, although I think the game looks great I don't see what people are meaning by this game looking better than anything on 1X or PS4 Pro. Then there are people who are saying it's the best looking game all gen too. For reference I'm playing the game on PC at 4K/Ultra 60+ fps with some settings pushed to the Insane option (the ones that allow it). With that I'm still seeing a fair amount of low res textures in places and some of the character models that aren't...

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Yep. And for that reason, I'm out

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The article is from windows central so they probably focus on Microsoft products. They probably don't have much interest in promoting PS4 on the site.

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Nice I was hoping they'd release this. Been wanting to at least try it

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I actually like this better than the original look :/ sue me

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Armored Core!

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