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EA. Twice. The Golden Turd award and I guess they're looking for another one.

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Or you could go on eBay and get a pegi18 version now by the looks of it. Even in Australia, just narrow your search. I saw a few out last time I was on and there may still be some available.

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If a certain number of people want to play the game, then only that number of copies will sell. By locking a game to an account they force more people to o buy the game. It adds up for them, there may not be much of a price difference but it sucks if you try to get an old game or buy a used one. It also hurts the buisness of sellers.

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They undertand, they want more money and aren't above compelling people to buy retail. I just think it's a shame that it renders physical media (discs) useless after a single install. Online codes I'm fine with, since it's all online purchacing anyway.

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Come to think about it, I think ESRB eased up on the ratings - but for some reason drug related gamplay is still tricky if it involves rewarding consumption.

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Much as I hate to admit it -R18 was only ever marketed with the aim of protecting children and not promote adult rights. I think people need to try remarketing an R18 camaign from a different angle. Not that it makes the current situation any better, mind you.

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