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Also it has nothing on Uncharted Graphics wise..It does have e a similar art style and still looks good on its own..but it is no Uncharted

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Its a good game but it does not have to be on ps3.....We don't need Mass Effect...I would rather have Demon Souls stay exclusive any day then get mass effect

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the move is nothing like wii...but you cant see that....kinect is more like the wii then the move is...just look at the games

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for a handheld and it does not offer anything new but a inward 3d...that adds nothing to gaming

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Single player great...multi player okay...but overall a great game.....sorta like a gears of war two effect

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but street fighter never could make that transformation its easy to go from 3d to 2d but the other way around ...seems eaiser...only one that went 3d and was kinda successful was Mortal kombat so time will tell...for me its 3d

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I am with you free cars and free games...

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Fun just way too many glitches.....but still fun

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Truth is xbox is as hardcore a FPS system and casuals know that....That is what they were good at and shoulds stick to it

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Just for the simple fact it looks atrocious wont win..

And im going with Bad company two or MAG

next year it will be killzone 3 or some sony exclusive like it has been for the last few years...

GOTY will be LBp2

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When you send it off they tell you to remove your he fails

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So you are a fanboy if u think Kinect is crappy...then a lot of xbox users are ps3 fanboys also right ...
just give it up already as of now kinect is a big failure you are only defending it because u are the fanboy

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i like socom 2 and 3 idea...i don't know why you guys hate 3 so much i love it

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Will buy it...

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i dont even have 4 controllers for my guys and your SAD SAD reasoning

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about the gaming world its the non gaming world they are looking for look at the games they got at launch

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n4sales . com where we argue the obvious.....

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IS the most popular mode on MAg...and I got to admit i love it

and if you dont have it go and get it

LEts play psn = Bushido-Kush

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12 hours.......then a rest of a hour then another 6 hours..

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Omega...dont you..with all hardcore games you got to look forward to with you kinect...MS is where the hardcore live.../lol


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