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Probably would be a Sony console...if anything it would be two with MS and Sony..if it were not for wii i think nindendo would have left the console business all together unless the DS woulda carried it again like the gameboy did last gen with gamecube

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Still a great game and relevant to the conversation...What happen to MAss Effect 2...thought it was so good but u hear nothing about it

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It is not bashing if it is true....

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There will be no more shooters in my collect in 2010...buying killzone this year...but i will finish the year with MAG and BBC2 ...

unless you guys know some other fps that arent Rehashes.....

MOH similar to BBc2

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Same game of the YEar....

LBP2 all the way....

just like the last halo nothing significantly new..

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I was getting it for Socom but it got delayed but im still gettin it just to make u mad....u have fun with kinect and all those hardcore wii like games

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Did better than expected

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Just like it Odst hampered Uncharted 2 sales.....IT CANT It Is exclusive...

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No custom maps on xbl...without pay

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It is very underrated if u spend 10 hours on this game and don't like it you just don't know a good game..

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just like Odst will show that people are now on that COD type shooter will sell well but not like previous games

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they took away the 4 player support....The processor .......and shall i keep going ...not to mention only one game is remotly fun but stull casual it just dosent add up to the perfect buy

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without pirates u would have a lot of crappy games...

now they have to try a little bit cause if its worth it most people buy it

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I will wait a year till the super version come out...I can understand the lack of some marvel chars from previous version but all capcom stars should be there

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Where is your proof that it is a lick of hardcore and not the real wii knock off it really is...?

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Don't listen to these people they are mostly followers of what they read in Magazines and hear and just follow the crowd..I like it fun multi player well worth the price

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but it is not over...

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Double xp in directives for like a week should play...


and people do play the game is small but dedicated probably around 5-10000

MAg is one of the most underrated gems this Gen...if you give it a chance you will love it

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and its always been the same....but it was xbox fanboy heavy now its about even...if not with sony leaner not fanboys leaner dominate this site...

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