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Used or new they will still make all the money on dlc ...among other thigns

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if it true...

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People just like to disagree on here...but cant back there bs up

proof is in the pudding and the games suck for Kinect.... plain and simple and no real hardcore game can be made for it....and that wacko ass star wars game dont count...Just cause it has star wars on does not make it great

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People are on it and buying....

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u would have to eliminate human lag...or just predict what the player is going to do...

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Number one it has a story...thats all i tried at least not just search and destroy...and the gameplay was better

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all the way...3ds add nothing to the gaming exp

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came out and forgot about it ...but uncharted two is still up there with gaming gods

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kinect 4 is the shiznit..

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just like its coke over pepsi...

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Guns and swords...tell me you dont want it..

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I like the first one better than the second...too much of a halo effect

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I think indie gamers would have more imagination than the big developers and probably make a hardcore game for kinect

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but that kinect 4 looks promising

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YEs they would have ...u recall they hype 360 fans had over this..but MS instead chose to abandon those with 360 already and go after new customers...but i think that would should always work from the hardcore to the casual like they did before with the 360 launch....but this will be a joke if it does succeed at least to any real gamer

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See that kinect is at the current moment garbage its the fangirls that have a problem

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it does suck and it does not have any games

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Like the past few years strongest line up still...

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With any game on the market....U guys are supers slow...and how can reach even be a competitor it is not on guys are just dumb fanboys

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But i hope they do another multiplayer demo to show they addressed those issues with the dying ....and the sniper class

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