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....Free as they allow....

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To make me think this game would be any good....personally they hype is unwarranted...

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and if you can be A Republicans in my Country you can be a Jerk...

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It will not be GOTY...GOTY will be a PS3 exclusive like always

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Read the MAnga...... Manga is always better than anime

Day one purchase for me...seems very similar to the first but who cares

and if you do watch the anime don"t watch the American version..."believe it" he never says that ever in he Japanese version Never

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But that online fee and consoles players dont work very well....I would play if if it were cheaper one a monthly basis like 5 - 10 bucks

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Halo would look better on ps3...but no on wants the halo reach around

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The first game sucked with the same problems.....what did you expect

BTW I been saying this the whole time...Crackdown sucked was never AAA only reason people bought it was for the beta....They should have gave this one the HAlo Reach Around effect

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reach wont even do as expected...and since infinity ward didnt make it ...its a no...only reason people want it is because it says COD...all the gameplay looks the same

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It is so rehashed since Ocarina of Time...

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O = Objective

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its action is okay to below average overall not a horrible movie but better than DBZ

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overtaken this holiday ....people who like halo already got 360's.......look as odst

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The I thought it was a pedo simulator( the real pedo simulator)MILO.....

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is the best also...This game is looking not too shabby....unlike those dbz games that came out every year

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So three would be the next step in greatness...GAME OF THE CENTURY Uncharted 2

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no great games yet...they are trying though....i bought SSIV

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It was okay but what it was and what was promised was different...I thought you would be able to make guns and not get stuck in one char class

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can they make a great COd without infinty ward....that will sell copies on its own merit

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and thats halo....... all there of their games suck

Don't all you halo lovers disagree with me cause i said something true give me a reason plz...

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