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What will they do when it does fail.....knowing them it will be incorporated in xbox ( next gen) and wont call it a loss...

What...Kinect sucks and everyone knows it

You cant even defend it with one game ONE....even its supposed fable 3 connection is fabled

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1.Uncharted 2
2.GOW 3
3. MGS 4

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Only think it will fail because he is black...he is a talented actor...and Why is it okay to make ang white but not to make lynch black...This is just a racist argument...ITs jsut cause they changed his Race that is his only problem...I SAID IT FIRST

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Imagine it would b like mag with swords....

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thats over 200 bucks........and its not buzz worthy at the least

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still the same ole games and whack system

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cross gaming chat...thats why i dont care for it on ps3

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wating....on MAG

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NONE>....Let along 4 million kinects....some of you guys are just fanboys

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For the Win...3ds my ass

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then MGS4,GOW3,Mass Effect 1

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but the republicans are the xbox 360......

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There is nothing there no substance...its just another DS in disguise.....and the psp is on life support but the 3ds is not the answer for any real gamer who wants to play real games on the go....But maybe for you 12 year olds

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By the end of the holiday season....I said it first

Nope just cause xbox is on the decline... PlayStation does not one game to save its ass...and you really belive people are going to buy a 360 for Reach....then you truly dont know who plays halo

Playstaion is the future....MS will launch another console with in the next two see how slim the 2011 lineup is

Im a dope...cause whats happen is right in front of your fanboy eyes and ...

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ps3 exclusive.....

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More than 50,000 players daily...still a very strong online game

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always have the best kingdom hearts

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Halo is over the hill give it up....and when it comes out it will only show us all....not saying it wont do well..but now like halo 3

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and i will w8 on it

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