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Controls were never bad...just differnt...
Melee system...also differnt ( but 2 differnt so i kinda agree)
Spawn campers...was a problem
Co Op...( not all games need co op)

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Just add a HDD and Xbox live,,, 450.....

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Not that complex of a story that couldnt be summed up.

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The story isnt that complex that it couldn't be summed up in 2 mins...

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If any of you geeks ever been in a fight you would understand unless you are just boxing this game will suck.....No feedback you wont know if you are hitting them all kinds of questions...this game will blow

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08 and then on sony is going uphill and MS is going downhill

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BTW...still no hardcore games.....

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I have been wating for that game 3eva

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Since last year and on into the next 4 years....

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SONYCON.... Officially rules this year...with a exclusive steal and More games for 2011....What games do 360 have next year GeOW

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Playing with Air......

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why buy any console if all the games are on the will just get the cheaper one.....alla xbox 360

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Just that it is overrated ....when it came to the second one and the first one had a lot of game play elevators

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They buy madden and COD every year and want to give them more of their me there will b a time when games stand up to publishers but not now they just like getting raped

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Made by Square Enix is a your dreams buddy...they have a hard enough time making AAA RPG console games

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Would steal the show.....They could announce halo 6 and no one would give fly woot..

just cause 4 million people bought it does not means there aren't people who played it used or traded it it....Also critics and gamers alike respect Uncharted.....Halo is is rehash and rebuy ...BTW Halo ...all those halo fans you thnk they have are playing COD and will not go back to halo...just look at ODST sales ...also ODST was a half ass game and it was sold at full price and Reach wo...

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Are basically world police so everyone is a enemy....

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u wrestle the air and see how fun that would be

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2 hand does not hurt guys are just industry drones...they make so much money off these games and you guys just wanna give them more money...look at all this DLC these half ass movie games that sell millions ..hand 1 hand they will still make money trust me

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Is the most underrated game on ps3 to me...People if you are looking for Mw2 then dont play MAg if you are looking for more of a battlefield exp but with more Teamplay get MAG....and the Graphics are fine for a 123 vs 128 game...I have seen worse and to me they are pretty above average....if not on par with Mw2

For now im in SVER but going to Raven agian... psn :Enchalottashwty

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